Technologies for Fairphone 5

Thanks for telling me! With how little energy cell phone charging uses I find this a bit strange, but small gains are gains too I guess.

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Just consider the huge count of mobile phones charged every single day worldwide. Then the ‘little energy’ sums up to quite a big figure.


I just read a bit about that. The standby power consumption of a wireless charger can be up to 2W. (wired up to 220 mW)
The charging efficiency is also just 40%-55%.
(Study from the Swiss agency for Energy from 2018)
Also, it harms the battery, because it produces more heat. (I can agree to that)

So you can say you will always lose about 50% + 24/7 (which can be up to 20% of an 10 W charger) standby.


Efficiency is always relative. For every gain somewhere there is an eqivalent loss somewhere.

If a person choses wireless charging as a more effieicent use of their resources then they hopefully are aware of the equal loss somewhere to someone.

Fairtrade means benefits to some at a cost to others. Each person has a choice on how to run their business.

Fairphone choosing not to have wireless charging is fine whether their reasoning suits others or not.

Equally there will be people disapointed with such a desicion and will agrue that Fairphone’s reasoning about ‘wasted’ electricity and ‘inefficiency’ are simply thier preferences where to and where not to exploit resources.

I can afford to spend a lot more money on Fairtrade which will result in those with better wages spending more and damaging the eco system a lot more ~ that’s my preference.

Wireless charging inefficiencies are hardly worth worrying about.

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If no wireless charging is a dealbreaker for potential FP customers, you’re right.
If not, it’s just better, saving a lot of energy (relatively) and less extra charger.

Just depending on what is the case.

Edit: the extra consumption is like 1-2 additional phones.


I imagine Firphone didn’t consider it would affect sales adversley. I’m glad they didn’t install it but sad that an option to have such would be considerate for people who hate cables.

How many of use use Wi-Fi and not Ethernet cables now?

How many of use use wireless network phones rather than copper wires to the house?

A lot of radiated sunlight gets ‘wasted’ and no doubt one day it will be harvested and used by some big fish and then all us little ones will slowly feed of their detritus. It’s the way of consumers.

My electrics come from solar panels, as most may do in the future, I have ability to generate 10 times what I use, so the wireless charging would be a waste of electricity, just more use. But I’d rather not get used to using more, and I can warm myself in other ways than having a warm phone.

So thanks Faiphone for not tempting me on this ‘awfull’ path of wireless charging. :slight_smile:

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I would not compare it to wifi etc., it’s far too different.

A wireless charger is still wired and has a range depending on that wire. The very only difference is, that you don’t need to plug/unplug every time. Which can be handy or just feel handy.
The rest is quite identical, you still can’t run around the room while charging.
(in this case, wired charging is more flexible, because you can hold and use your phone while charging, as long the wire is long enough.)

How useful it is, is very personal, but objectively it’s not very useful at all. Because it adds no new function, it just enhances the “lay down for charging” use case while giving disadvantages on “use it while charging” (except navi in a car :slight_smile:, but i noticed, the additional heat is in summer a big problem )

Okay and to the energy: No energy comes for free, so even solar energy costs resources you could spend on saving fossil energy. (also assuming every FP user buys/produces green energy)
So the 2 points are: is it an amount of energy we need to care about?
And why Fairphone maybe decided against this option(!)?

Should we care? Wireless Charging is like charging 2 phones, that’s awful, on the other hand, we are talking about 5 W for 2-3 Hours a day. My LED lamp uses that in 1h.
So, wasted is wasted, would be nice to save it, but it’s so less, every light bulb replaced by a LED bulb saves energy for 10 wireless chargers. (ignoring, that the battery maybe dies earlier because of the additional heat)

But i also predict, every wireless user has also a wire, just in case. So a wireless charger is always an additional device. And FP don’t even wants to give you a wired charger to the Fairphone.

I guess it would be cheap for FP to build it in, maybe it could be difficult for the modular design.
Maybe they just should build it in and say “don’t use it, if you can”. Maybe it would cost more for every one, or the FP would be more fat than it already is.

If someone is a heavy only wireless user, I recommend a wireless usb-c pad. That’s an option for those who rly want it.

In my 1-Month test phase of an A52, i found, that i don’t really need wireless, so i went off of wireless, even if i liked it before.


That’s not more use in general but more use by you. Living in a flat and not in an own house I’m unable to cover my electricity demand with solar power from my own roof. But nevertheless my electricity comes from 100% renewable energy due to a deliberate choice of power supplier. So what happens if I use more energy? More of the existing renewable sources work for me and less are available for people who don’t care. So if your solar plant is connected to the grid it still makes sense to use as few energy as possible. If it is an isolated application then you’re right: Use it, it won’t be used anywhere else anyway.


Then you probably use 100 times more energy than me and another few watts is hardly an issue.

That is very likely to be untrue unless you are on a closed grid. Generally all electricity is fed into a national grid and every one gets a mix of nuclear, fossil, wind and sun etc.

a) More existing ‘renewable’ sources. There are no ‘renewable’ resources. Apart from earth mined nuclear all come from the sun, which is limited not just hear and now given the suns activity and our distance form the sun but over time as the sun degenerates.

b) What has anything got to do with ‘people’ who don’t care, I don’t get that.

  • So if you have as soul what other people do doesn’t impact you.
  • If you have ‘people’ ethics then you are for everyone so it does matter what they do and you have to be careful.
  • Neither of the above ? why buy a Fairphone?

There is but one source, here and now. The more I use the less others may have access to if they are not strong enough to compete with me.

So the soul says reduce and give others a chance to use and not to be concerned with how they do it, not to judge as it doesn’t effect my soul

So I don’t want a wireless charger, as I have more that is ethically reasonable if I cared for all the people’s and plants, but I don’t.

The issues as mentioned are personal convenient, ethics but not about consumption of electricity per se.

Wireless charging would be inconvenient to me and no doubt convenient for others.

The eco ethics is a joke, no one does anywhere near enough to make a ‘positive’ impact as all use is negative. Reducing consumption from such a high level by avoiding wireless charging is insulting.

Appologies for my posts in general I often get words wrong

Example that should have read ‘would not be a waste of electricity’ after all it wasn’t even generated :slight_smile:

Waste is a state of mind.


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I’m sick of tech giants and their bs to rake in more profit, however, I am also an engineering student and love the tech that they come up with - particularly the lidar sensor in the iphones.

I can’t imagine any new features that could be concieved in any phone and therefore if the FF had it, it would be completely perfect. I don’t care for photogrammetry with conventional cameras.

Is there any chance that the FF will adopt a similar lidar sensor?


is a new model is planned this year (Fairphone 4+ or Fairphone 5). I’m interested by the Fairphone 4 but if a new model is planned in a few months, I prefer to wait before buying. If you tell me that a new model will be released later in 2023, then I could decide to buy the Fairphone 4.


just remind its a user forum, so we dont know and I guess Fairphone would not tell you. however you might want to #contactsupport and ask


There is one benefit in buying an FP4 before the ned of this year as you will get 5 years warranty. From 1st January 2023 you will get only 4 years.

It’s difficult to think there will be an FP4+ and in the case of the FP3 the only main difference was the camera upgrades and I’m not sure the FP4 cameras require an upgrade.

Still as Yvmuell indicated, you could ask Fairphone ??

I imagine the earliest release of the FP5 will be end of 2023 . . .There’s no precedence of Fairphone releasing a new model after a year. 2 years has been the minimum as sooner would seem to go against the ‘longevity and repair’ ideals.


I have hope for a good quality OLED screen, a powerful gpu to be able to play all the games in full quality
And also case who don’t expand

Airdrop and iOS compatibily, step away from google

Higher resolution would be nice, less weight optional

I quite doubt that Apple would allow this. But you don’t have to use Google services, there are many other options like /e/.


It´s not about hardware but I´d like to request the option to have two different Bluetooth connections active at the same time.
For example: Using earplugs (in my case hearing aids) and a separate microfone at the same time.
This audio “routing” option is common on PCs. You can choose by yourself to put audio out on BT and audio in (microfone) on cable or on a second BT connection.

There are probably other use cases for having several (manageable) BT connections at once.

And for long term usability it´s always good not only to have good CPU/GPU but to have the newest connection standards included (newest BT/WIFI/etc. standards).

BUT ONLY if we don´t need to pay license costs to Google, Apple and other big evil companies (or Fairphone has to pay for the licenses and of course forwards these costs to us customers).
This is my personal mindset - it might be others don´t care as much.

Additional it would be nice if the Fairphones would be built in Europa instead of China. It would be worth some Euros more.

I would buy the Fairphone 5 in a heartbeat if it had an upgradeable modular telcom radio that we can pay extra for the extra frequencies if we want the module. (Or just came with the 5G bands)
5G bands: 1, 2, 3, 5, 7, 8, 12, 14, 20, 25, 28, 30, 38, 40, 41, 48, 66, 71, 77, 78, 257, 258, 260, 261 SA/NSA/Sub6

The reason I did not upgrade to a Fairphone 4 was the lack of 5G bands. I travel a lot and routinely switch sims, so I had to buy a pixel 6 pro to use 5G reliably.

Please do NOT switch to e-sim. The physical sim cards are independence.


It’s always people who don’t want a headphone jack who say a USB adapter is a good solution.
Anyone who actually uses headphones with a 3.5mm jack doesn’t want to relegate it to a USB adapter.

Besides, if Fairphone cares about e-waste, they should oppose requiring you to use wireless headhones. Any device that requires batteries just to work, especially if the batteries in the device aren’t user replaceable, means you’ll have to throw at least the batteries away if not the entire device at some point.

Whereas you can get headphones or speakers that are like 50 years old using a 3.5mm headphone jack, and they’ll keep working.