Technical problems - probably

Fairphone received in mid april.

First: Battery has lost about 66% of its performance. After about 8hours after having been fully charged even with screen turned off its at 0% capacity.

Second, the more important thing: The antenna seems to have broken for no reason. I dont know, but Im getting no reception at times, out of nowhere, in the midst of large cities, and it stays like this for hours. Ive checked my provider and there were no breakdowns from their side, so it has to be my fairphone 2.

Anyone had similar experiences, what did you do?
I’ll contact support now.

I’ve read this before in the forum, but the is no official explanation yet. There are a few topics here describing the problems.

Also for my personal taste, some solutions here in the forum for fixing battery problems are wrong (using the “Clean Master” app). One shouldn’t need an app for that.

Are you using the latest software version?

I think contacting support is the best thing to do right now. Have you checked their latest blog post? They have posted a checklist on what to do before contacting them.

Once it’s all fixed, can you report back what caused your problems?

Have you checked that topic?

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Thanks for the responses :slight_smile: This one helped:

Going for battery-save and therefore deactivating high precision gps did the job.

However, its a bit annoying not to be able to use GPS services. So its really just a workaround. Anyone got info how to have GPS and a working FP2?

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