TeamWin Recovery Project (TWRP) for Fairphone?

The TWRP is a fine tool for easy backups, particuculary before intstalling updates.
But for the Fairphone there’s no recovery compiled.
It is possible to compile a recovery, the description is on
I have a lot of IT knowledge, but no expierience compiling a TWRP file.

Is somebody else compiling such a file?
Or does somebody want to to build a virtual workgroup to compile and test together a TWRP-file for the Fairphone?

Best regards from Switzerland

Hi @Bobby

As interesting as this sounds, this is quite advanced for the basic Fairphone-user. I do hope you find someone that can help you with this, as I personally can’t :smiley:


I havent got any compiling knowledge, but i know that another useful Recovery Mode (Backup function, …) has already been ported on the FP.

I mean the ClockWorkMod (CWM):


More Information:

The porter of this app also ported CyanogenMod to FP. There might be a reason, why he didnt port TWRP. :wink:

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This sounds good, but doesnt work on my FP1U.

With my stock ROM I tried to flash the images with the Mobileuncle MTK Tools from the website

recovery-cwm-fp1-0.1.img (old version) could be flashed, bud dint work at all.
cwm-fp1-kk.0.1.img (KitKat version) couldnt be flashed with the stock ROM (4.2.2).
recovery-cwm-FP1-0.2.img (current version) could be flashed, but the new recovery didnt find the scdard.
When i tried the option “backup on external sd card” the backup started, but aborded beceause it didnt find the data partition.
First I thought it was beceause my phone is encrypted, but after the reset it didnt work with the stock ROM without encryption.

Now I have lost the stock recovery, and with the new recovery I cant do the stock reset

I do not recommend to flash these recoverys using the stock ROM till these problems are resolved.

Best regards

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Hi Fairphone programmers.

I think this one deserves an own Topic. As you might have read at several ocasions in the forum, TWRP is high up on the wishlist of many people. Basically it is (as far as I read) open source, so everybody could adapt it to the Fairphone. But the makers of it would probably also create it (if they had a fairphone in their hands).

Have you thought about contacting them for a Fairphone adpation or is creating an own version yourself already on your to-do-list?

TWRP would surely value up the Fairphone even more than it already is. :sunglasses:

Since this topic already exists I moved you post here.
Also, for questions to the Fairphone team you should contact them directly.


it was so way down in the list, I haven’t seen it. Sorry for that.
So, everybody seems to be aware of the topic already. :wink:

I started looking into it. Don’t have that much time in the moment, but I’m very interested. My background is probably like yours, learned something this weekend while trying to compile and flash the ROM on the device…

Search function:

For the next time :wink:


TWRP is inclueded in FP OSOS, share your experiences here:

If you are using the standard FP OS you can port TWRP using this guide: