Teamviewer Quick Support: "firmware limitations"


I’m not sure, but was it possible to use Teamviewer (QuickSupport) on the FP1?
Traying to remote control my FP2 via Windows and QuickSupport there appears the message:

»Das Gerät kann aufgrund von Firmware Einschränkungen nicht gesteuert werden.« (English: The device can’t be controlled because of firmware limitations (na ja, als grobe Übersetzung ;-))

I did not found a solution “in the web” for this problem.
Or does anybody know another tool for such a remote control?


Spontaneously, I’d guess that it requires root? (the FP2 comes not rooted, unlike the FP1)

Hallo urs_lesse,

my FP2 is rootet (🇩🇪 ✏ Anleitung zum Rooten des FP2 unter Windows)

But usually there appears the message for giving the app “root rights” – just now using the app Total Commander. But this message doesn’t appear using QuickSupport.

Therefore: how it is possible to start QuickSupport with root privileges? It seems to be not possible with the app “Superuser” :frowning:

… problems, problems, problems :frowning:

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Teamviewer does not ! require root

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@media_rw Does it work on your Fairphone 2?

@Webaschtl I’m not sure, which features you’d expect from a remote control. However, I found this application, that let’s you remotely control a phone from another device:

You could try to control your FP2 from an Android emulator running on your computer.

Edit: And a quick internet search revealed this for me:

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I want to use my FP2 on my PC – as it was possible (I thinks so) with my FP1 and Teamviewer or (I do not know it exactly anymore) with QuickSupport. At least with Teamviewer on my FP2 it’s only possible to remote control my PC – the other way I have to use QuickSupport with the ID this app present (not the ID of the Teamviewer app)

As I described I can see my phone within Teamviewer on Windows. And I can use my mouse to move the “virtual cursor” which Teamviewer dispays – but my mouse clicks (and swipe gestures) are not recognized. Thats the only problem…

Teamviewer on Windows connected to QuickSupport on/of my FP2 after trying to “execute a mouse click”:

… nothing happens :([quote=“Stefan, post:5, topic:25341”]
which features you’d expect from a remote control.
… “just” the usual feature of Teamviewer: a 1:1 display of the remote screen. Not more, not less :wink:


Hi, apparently there is no manufacturer-specific add-on for the FP2 (reference Xiaomi forum).

Have you tried out the VNC solution, I linked to above?

"Support for your mobile device with the TeamViewer QuickSupport app

Install TeamViewer QuickSupport on your mobile device to enable Windows, Mac, and Linux computers to connect to your Android, Windows 10 Mobile, or iOS device to provide you with assistance.

Please note: The licensed user connecting to a mobile device must have a TeamViewer Premium or Corporate license in order to remotely support mobile devices."

quoted from

I’m not sure. But wasn’t is possible using Teamviewer in its “free version” on FP1? Or changed Teamviewer its licensing model?

I could remote control about 2 years ago my Huawei G510, but only with a plugin teamviewer-for-huawei-g510. Now I can get lots of information from my FP2, but can not see the Screen of the phone.

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