Target button on OsmAnd

I know there are many OsmAnd users on the forum… How does the target button work on your phones? On mine (FP 2, Open OS), it turns blue when it wants to (mostly when I launch the app), and then tries to locate me (sometimes it actually succeeds…) From what I read on the OsmAnd webpage, I get the impression I should be able to turn it on or off by tapping it. This would make a lot more sense: When I launch the app, I do sometimes want to know where I am but other times, I am looking for information on another city/country/continent and don’t want to be sent back home…

A bonus question, by the way: there is no way to ask questions on the app’s own webpage, is there?

As far as I know:
Blue: Current location known (by GPS or other location service), tapping it locks the view to the position marker, meaning it will keep adjusting the view to keep your location in the middle of the screen even if you are moving (at least until you manually change the view).
Grey: OSMand doesn’t know your location (effectively the button doesn’t do anything)

There is a (not too well advertised - see the help section under “I can’t find the answer to my question”) OSMand google group in which you can ask questions.


Does that mean that I cannot prevent the app from looking for my location when I launch it (I guess I can turn of localization completely but I would need to remember that every time)? Or did I miss something in the settings?

As navigation seems to be an important goal of OSMand, I can image they haven’t realised that some people only want to use the maps. I certainly don’t know of a way to disable location access from within the app. If nobody here knows, the google group may be the place to ask (If you do, I’m guessing it will help if you indicate why you want control location access separately for OSMand, as that may convince someone to implement it)


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