Tapatalk Support

Are there any Plans to enable Support for Tapatalk in this Forum?
It would make this Forum more Fairphone-Friendly :wink:

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From some searches, I’m not sure Tapatalk integrates with Discourse, see:

and the follow-up reply:


But I could be wrong! There was an attempt to get things working, see Tapatalk API implementation project on meta.discourse.org and the related Tapatalk forums thread. The linked git repo was last committed to just under a year ago.

The stated aim of Discourse is to be natively mobile-friendly- how does the forum look in a browser on the Fairphone? (mine is on Awaiting Shipment now so I can’t check myself… yet :D)


I don’t know what other advantages Tapatalk brings but Discourse works absolutely great in a browser on FairPhone. I’m actually posting this very message from my FairPhone


Excellent! Seems like for this particular aspect Jeff and the Discourse team have achieved their aims.

If I had to guess, the other advantages would probably include push notifications and only have to check one app for all forum replies. There are probably others but I don’t really use Tapatalk :smile:

I’ve never used Tapatalk, but Discourse seems to work fairly well on the Fairphone without need for anything else, but I take the point why it could be useful.

I guess it’s basically up to the Discourse / Tapatalk developers to implement this into their platform.

As this is about the Discourse platform I have moved this topic into the ‘Meta’ category.

It does look great, but there is one issue: You cannot reply as a new topic on the mobile site. Also writing posts is not that easy…

I don’t understand much about all that, got a prompt on another forum I frequent for that tapatalk app but when I launched it it required a google/facebook/twiter account so I uninstalled it right away… even if we can use a tapatalk one, I don’t need another account… I’ll stick to my desktop PC for forum browsing :stuck_out_tongue:

Hi there,

I like to manage the forums where i´m in with Tapatalk and it would be great to find the FP their too.

What do you think about spreading this Forum?

Maybe someone agree, so that it could happen :wink:

Thanks for your attention

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Maybe you could do some research on http://meta.discourse.org and see if this is possible with the current forum software. :smiley:

In my personal opinion an app is quite convenient, but also closed to a specific smartphone OS. The mobile page of Discourse is steadily evolved and improved.

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@Amber This might be interesting for you (Even though, it possibly will disappoint you… :frowning: ):

Alright, I see. Thanks for posting, @Stefan. A nicely useable mobile version is probably also helping. The advantage of Tapatalk is having just one App for everything, the advantage of having an App is the usability. But a usable mobile version in the browser is actually nice. Maybe usability is also good with it.