Talkmobile no data

Just changed from O2 to Talkmobile.
Can make and receive calls and texts but no data.
Tried another Talkmobile SIM, same result.
90 minutes on chat with Talkmobile, suggested I ask Fairphone which I have done.
Has anyone else had similar problems

Did you check the APN settings?

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I can’t find that on the settings menu Lidwien

Is this Talkmobile in the UK?
If so … - entered “apn” in the question field - Ask - View instructions to enter APN settings manually …


For Android: go to Settings, Mobile Networks, Access Point Names


Enter the following settings for internet:

Username = wap
Password = wap

(If you search the internet for talkmobile apn, a number of websites collecting all those different APN settings will list the settings in more detail if needed.)


Okay great thanks that worked.
I couldn’t see how to add an APN on the menu