Tag / link other pages in Facebook App Manager

Hi, I am currently unable to tag or link other pages with the Facebook App. Normally it works with using “@PAGENAME” (in this case @fairphone) but no suggestions come up. Can anybody help?

This could be related to a bug in the Privacy Impact feature. Try this workaround:

Re-enable Privacy Impact by unticking the option found at:
Settings > Sound & Notifications > Privacy Impact

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Sounds like the Privacy Impact Bug. Please have a look into this thread. Workaround (in German): Das Häkchen unter Einstellungen > Ton & Benachrichtigungen > Privacy Impact entfernen, damit Privacy Impact wieder aktiviert ist.

Does this help in your case?

Already did that (as photo uploading previously also didn’t work, but I did resolve it with the privacy box). The linking/tagging still doesn’t work though.

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