System update FP3 3.A.0136

New system update detected for me today. UK on the O2 network.

No new features but security patch level updated to 5th March 2022


Same here with Sosh in France


Also available with Congstar in Germany.

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Yes picked it up on EE UK. I had to ask for it there was no prompt.

Further it says ‘includes’ 5th March Security update, and could mean there is other stuff.

However Android 11 is in the pipeline so maybe it is only a security update, nice to have that anyway.

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I found it on my FP3 too, today, Vodafone Germany.

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Got the notification as well, Vodafone Germany.

Has anyone installed it yet?

I did the upgrade yesterday.
So far so good.
I did not notice any change except for the Android patch date.


You mean you are worried about the Vodafone Germany push :slight_smile:

Same in Denmark :denmark:, always love a update


Yes, on Vodafone Germany as well. No noticeable changes.


Thanks for the replies. I guess I’ll try my luck :sweat_smile:

Got it yesterday, too. Just a (always very welcome) security patch :+1:
No issues - all fine and smoothly
On 1&1-Drillisch, Germany

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Good to read about a smooth and boring update (nothing broke). I do wonder, are there still open issues with the FP3? Or is it basically doing everything fine? I’m asking to get a general idea about the state of an older phone.

I’m waiting for Fairphone to allow a lower minimum brightness level to be selected. They did that a few updates ago, but apparently that change messed up the adaptive brightness setting, so they disabled that setting in a later update.

In theory this was temporary, and they were supposed to bring back the ability to set a lower minimum screen brightness in a future update… it’s been months ago, but I’m still waiting, because I liked being able to have a lower minimum brightness on the screen during those weeks :slight_smile:

By the way, I have not yet tested this update yet, but I imagine that unfortunately it does not include this.


I had the same issue and found a workaround with the “Twilight” App.
Sure it will still use more battery as long as the actual LEDs are not dimmed, but at least it dosent hurt in the eyes anymore…

Never really had any problem since purchase in Oct 2020 and the screen brightness has seemed fine.



I confirm that this is not included with this update.

I got the update today. Let’s see what has changed.

Updated yesterday and everything still works well today :grinning:

Got it here too. Enabling the Bluetooth has to be performed twice, just like the last updates. Other issues are still that Whatsapp video calling has a very poor image.

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