/system/bin/settings with LOS 15 (Android 8)

Hey there,

I tried to find out which internal variables there are with android 8, such as the android device ID or the low power threshold.
When I was still on LOS 14, e.g. the low power threshold variable could be retrieved via

FP2:/ $ su
FP2:/ # settings get global low_power_trigger_level

Since I like to turn energy saving mode on very early, I’ve modified this variable and also written a “custom control” within the app kernel adiutor.

Now comes what’s strange: On LOS 15, the custom control within kernel adiutor still works whereas the above commands typed in a terminal return the following error:

cmd: Failure calling service settings: Failed transaction (2147483646)

With that error message, you can find some (non-fairphone-related) problems and a workaround via adb.
However, I’m more interested in knowing why the direct way does not work but the kernel adiutor script does not show any problem. Does someone have an idea how to find that out? Or even better, already knows why that is?


I didn’t try this myself (as I don’t have an su binary installed), but maybe this is somehow related?


That’s a good one! Thanks! The provided solution (or rather both provided solutions) works. Guess I’ll have to read a bit on SELinux.

What the…?! Executing su twice works! :open_mouth:

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