Syncing between Fairphone, ical, mac address book, and 1&1 calendar

Hello, there was a thread called Complicated syncing, which I thought had a similar situation to me, but not sure as it switched to German, which sadly I dont speak.

So, I do not yet have a fairphone, but have been following fairphone since the early days and now I need to make a choice between a fairphone and an iphone. The reason for the iphone is that I use a macbook and ical and address book and my current LG android phone cannot sync with it, it would appear. I have had two years of chaos! My LG can also not sync with 1&1 calendar that I have to use for one job nor OWA outlook, which I use for another job. Would I be able to get all my calendars to sync to my fairphone, should I get one? (And my contacts, though I could actually set them all up on my mac address book so it would just be from that one source. I am not massively techie, but learn on a need to know basis. Now, I need to know! Would prefer Fairphone because I support the ethos, but need to be joined up with my work and connectivity.

Thanks for reading…

[Edit: I just realised that I did not answer to the general question indicated by the topic headline of your question. Sorry about that.]

While I would gladly try to convince you of a Fairphone, there are two things which you should consider.

Firstly, they are out of stock currently, and I doubt that the window of opportunity to get one (which is said to open in January, again) will be a large one.

Secondly, since you are working with a Macbook already, you would have less problems getting it to sync with an iPhone. Apple has build a very tightly closed, but also quite often seamlessly working software ecosystem. While it is possible, and increasingly easier so, to get two software ecosystems to interact smoothly, it is still easier to get it done while staying with what you already have as a productive system. That’s how Apple got to be what it is today.

Therefore, I would suggest you get a second-hand iPhone. There must be a lot of them on the market now, since the new version is pushed so hard into it. While this might not be fully compatible with supporting Fairphone, as a company and a concept, this might still be an option with a smaller social and ecological “footprint” than buying a newly produced phone…

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There will be a final batch of Fairphones available early january (the last 1000 : will disappear in ~3 days).
Alternately you may wait for the next gen., but not before may/june at best.
For syncing: I do have a working setup between macs and the Fairphone, which involves simply publishing .ics files from ical to a server, then subscribing the phone to these files. There are reasonable ways to do this with e.g. the icalsync app. You need a server though (same place where you upload your website for instance).
There must be other ways via simply exchanging .ics files with phone/mac sync but I don’t have experimented there.

I use DAVdroid to sync my calender with posteo servers. It integrates into the standard android calendar. You could try if it works for 1&1 and OWA. Edit: Android can sync microsoft exchange (i.e. outlook web access) natively: see help page
Contacts I don’t sync because I don’t need it.

You could also have a look at this project: DavMail