Sync music with a Mac

I just got my FP and I love it - I just need to find a way to sync my music with it!
I tried searching around and found DoubleTwist, but apparently you can only make it put music on the FP’s SD card, and I don’t have one.
What do you use to get your Mac’s music onto your phone? Ideally using iTunes, if possible!

First you must think how much music you want to put on your phone. Is there enough storage available on the phone to cover your need? Perhaps there is a need for an SD-card.
I think the best way is to copy your music from the computer to the phone.
Connect your phone with the usb-cable to the computer.
Swipe on your phone from top to bottom, now you will see that the phone is “USB Charge Only”.
Tab on “USB Charge Only” and choose "Media device (MTP). See if the computer recognises your phone.
Now you can copy your music files from the computer to your phone.

Hi @hecka_tao,

you need the [Android File Transfer application][1].

Afaik there is no solution to sync iTunes with Android devices.



I use ISyncr and it works perfect.
You can select albums, playlists, etc. so you can limit the data.
I selected a few playlists and ordered a microsd. When it is delivered I will put all of my music on my Fairphone. You can sync with wifi, so no cables needed.
Hope that helps! :~)