Sync iPad calendar with F2 calendar

How do I sync the calendar on my new F2 with my iPad calendar. I have only got a email address. Do I have to create an additional gmail address?

You can use iSync to connect your FP2’s calendar to the iCloud. If your iPad is also synced to iCloud, then this should have you covered.

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Thanks! Do I have to download that from Apps?There is something called ICalSync2

You can click the link in my previous post. It will bring you exactly to the right app :slight_smile:

Here it is;

Oh, thanks very much. Will try later and see what happens…will let you know .:relaxed:

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Sadly it has stopped working…it synced once from my I pad to F2 (not the other way round) and then there appeared a message on F2 that something is blocked??? Any suggestions, Mike?

HELP PLEASE, can’t get it to work.:unamused:

It’s magically working now. Thanks!

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