Sync Contacts with (aka via Exchange

A few weeks ago I filled my Contacts list by synching it with my account (previously known as It worked fine. And also later on, as far I remember, some newly added contacts or changes to existing contacts were synched successfully, wherever I made the change (on or on the Fairphone).

Now, I’ve added a new contact on my Fairphone, made sure the account got synched (via Accounts -> Synch) and looked up whether the synch was successful. Unfortunately, not!
Then I did a change to an existing contact on my Fairphone, synched again, but again without success on
Then I tried the opposite direction and made a change to an existing contact on, synched the Fairphone again, but no success.

To go sure itself is working, I also synched between on my computer and Here it worked fine.

So what could be the reason and what can I do to have it synch reliably again?

How did you sync it?

  1. Did you press “Synchronize now” (I encountered a bug there) and did it really update the time which indicates the last synchronization?

  2. Did you sync over WiFi or data?

  3. Did you apply any updates / install any apps?

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hi @Stefan,

  1. yes, I pressed “Synchronize now” and the time stamp was updated
  2. I synched it over WiFi
  3. I didn’t apply any updates or installed any apps at the same time when trying to synch my contacts (if this is what you mean?)

No, I meant, did you install any apps before it stopped working? Maybe there are some conflicts between a new app and the synchronization / accounts management of the FP.

What could solve your situation: delete your exchange account on the FP and login again. Does the problem persist?

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hi @Stefan,
thank you so much for the background and your tipps and hints.
Well, for sure I installed a few new apps over the last weeks, but can’t tell which one (if any) might have caused the issue.
So I followed your recomendation to remove the Exchange account and add it again. It worked smoother than expected, and now I’ve the most recent contacts and calendar data on my FP again. I also can update contacts on the FP and synch it to the server, and versa, again.

Though, meanwhile I wonder whether I should stick to the Server solution or do it offline with the Outlook synch tool recommended in this forum. Since in fact, also on my calendar I experience synch issues, from time to time. However, I’m still used to it, and in fact it has some convenience …
so, thx again, and cu,

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