Sync contacts with car audio


I have an issue with my FP2. Contacts don’t sync with my Pioneer DEH-P6200BT (Car radio with bluetooth). I can make call, but i cannot have contact list on my radio…

Sorry for my bad english, i hope you will understand !

Thanks !

I just moved you post to a new topic, since it’s no a known bug.

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I have a Pioneer MVH-8200BT which also connects via Bluetooth. Calls work OK and contacts from my FP2 are visible too. If I go to the bluetooth settings on the FP2 and then select the settings for the paired car audio (gear icon), both the ‘Phone audio’ and ‘Contact sharing’ boxes are enabled.

hope that helps,

Seems to work now, but “Contact sharing” were checked. Don’t understand why it work now, but it work !

Thanks !