Sygic Navigation & FP2?

Is anyone using Sygic GPS Navigation on their FP2?
After the latest update from Sygic it just crashes whatever I do (reboot, reinstall, moving between SD & local storage).

I’ve used Sygic a lot on my previous phones and I’m reluctant to ditch it and look for other navigation apps…

Yes iam using it, but iam on version 15.2.3. Is best best offline Navigation Solution.
Thank you for your info!
lg ivi

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I am currently using it, too. Latest update afaik (16.0.9). No crashes so far.

Only bugs/glitches/whatever so far:

  • Display of speed limit is extremely laggy. 20 min after leaving the autobahn it still said 120 km/h. In a village. For sure.
  • It often complains because of weak gps signal. Not sure if this is a FP2 or a Sygic problem however.
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Thanks @bfb and @ivi !
I finally got the new version to work by uninstalling, then manually deleting the Sygic-folder, and finally reinstalling.

It’ll be interesting to see how it performs on my FP2. On my old phones I rarely had any problems with the GPS signal strength…
The speed limit display I’ve never found trustworthy in Sygic - sometimes it shows and sometimes not. And when it does show, it’s often the wrong information.

But apart from that, I think Sygic is the best offline navigation app, I’ve used it a lot both in Sweden and several other countries.

Hi All
Just wanna clear my opinion…
The GPS Modul in FP2 is very fast and strong,
I have always after sync starting within 5 sec until max 30 sec a great fix!
I mean, the catch of gps position.
I only use the gps modul without Network or mobile Data position help!

@ bfb
This kind of problem never appear on my FP2 with sync 15.x.x

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