Switching between WiFi and SIM

Hi there,
when I’m leaving the WiFi at home, the FP1 does not switch to the SIM-card connection. After restarting it works. The other way, from the mobile network to WiFi at home works fine.

How do you see that it doesn’t switch? What are the symbols in your notifivation bar? Do you see the wifi symbol? Is there reception with your SIM card? What letter is next to the signal strengh indicator of the SIM card? Does the problem occur everywhere or only immediately after you left home?

The Wifi symbol is off. The strength indicator of the SIM Card is good or even full. There is good telephone connection. When I leave home, it is off and it RESTS off. I first realized it because after hours there where no mails and no WhatsApp chats. Then I restarted and with the restart several mails and chats came in. Then also the symbol for receiving and sending data was active, which was not the case before.

In addition to my reply: There is no letter which indicates the kind of connection. After restarting a letter is visible depending on the kind of connection. Here in my region it’s mostly E.

That sounds really strange. Unfortunately I don’t have a clue what could be the reason.

I get the same issue most of the time but not always. I find disabling the sim card and re-enabling it fixes the issue. I’m with an MVNO provider (Mobile by Sainsburys in the UK) for my main sim which has the issue. I’ve got 3 sim for the secondary sim and I don’t have any issues with the wifi to mobile data on that sim.

Heureka! I found it out by myself.
It’s no issue, it’s a complicated menu. Under “SIM Administration” you can enable or disable The SIM for data.
But under “Wireless and networks” --> “Mobile Networks” you have to activate 3G-Service for the SIM-card, if you have two cards in the phone. I am from Germany and now staying in France with a second SIM, 3G was on for the first, the german SIM.

Good to hear. It looks as if it was not an issue with Wifi after all?

I observed it several days and now I must say: It’s an issue. When I want to look up or send something via internet, i have to restart the phone, otherwise i have no connection.