Switching between AlternativeOS's on the FP2

I need another FP2 to play with this, it seems :smiley: I’d love to see Sailfish OS on a live device and try it out, but I’m reluctant to dump Ubuntu Touch, which I’m also testing. Maybe finally a good reason to try out the actual restore of a backup in order to switch between different OSes… Alas, not enough time I fear :frowning:

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Not sure how Ubuntu Touch is installed on the device (to which location and are there any other changes to partitions etc) but switching between Android and Sailfish OS is just a matter of changing the kernel, not else is needed.

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I do that quite regularly with TWRP backups :slight_smile:
That way I can switch between Lineage, UbuntuTouch, Sailfish …

Do you use that “one-off” mode of TWRP, the one using it just for one time instead of installing it fully? Ubports needs their own recovery for OTA updates to work.

Which partitions do you backup and restore?

Sounds like an interesting project but I think I need a bigger SD card for that (the only spare one I had is a 2 GB card from my old dumb phone). :wink:

Hello @Ingo !

I use the installed version of TWRP (fastboot flash recovery recovery.img), even if I already successfully tested the one-time mode (fastboot boot recovery-signed.img).

I backup all default partitions (Boot, System, Data(excl. storage); not the cache) and it was always OK for restoring backups (tested with: OpenOS, LineageOS, SailfishOS, UbuntuTouch and B2G)
I backup them on internal storage (/data/media/0/TWRP/BACKUPS) and from time to time I transfer them on my laptop (even if TWRP wipe exclude internal storage, sometimes a fresh install resulted on a full wipe…)

Indeed UbuntuTouch need its own installer to do OTA updates. What I do is to reinstall the up-to-date UT via the UBPorts installer : last time I did that it preserved my settings. Unlike you, I’m not on the “devel” channel but on the stable, so the frequency of updates is approx. 2 month :slight_smile:

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I actually tried the following in between

  • originally I was on Ubuntu Touch 16.04/devel
  • made a backup of boot, system, data with TWRP (of ubuntu touch)
  • installed Sailfish OS alpha5 with their install instructions
  • made a backup of boot, system, data with TWRP (of sailfish os)
  • installed ubuntu touch 16.04/devel again using their installer (to also get their recovery needed for OTA updates)

Ubuntu Touch is running again with slightly newer build number and as far as I can see, all settings are still there.

Nice :slight_smile:
I assume you made a restore of your UT boot/system/data between step 4 and step 5?

No, I didn’t. I just didn’t wipe during install.

Ok, so that mean that while running SailfishOS, UbuntuTouch data was still present on your FP2, as you didn’t wipe ! Good to know :wink:


First post on this forum :slight_smile:

Has anyone tried to use EFIdroid, to dual boot ubports and an android os?

Like you say TWRP is a good option, that has saved my ass recently while playing around installing different OS’s. My last install was UT-ubports, which I backed up before returning to Lineageos, as its still missing to many apps that I want/need ie encrytped txt and torbrowser to start with (So interested to see anbox working on ubports for FP2, got it working on my laptop in (K)ubuntu 16.04 and it works well for x86 supporting apps like spotify!)! But I still want to be able to play with UT from time to time, without the stress of re-installing, every time.

So getting to my second question, as ubports requires their own recovery, and TWRP (unless (I assume) you use the one-time mode)) removes it, what is this process exactly

Do you mean you re-install every time you want to use UT? or just part of the process after you have recovered the original image via TWRP, that installs Ubuntu recovery pand then the update?

One thing I just saw while trying to find more info on EFIdroid, is that it can handle multiple recoveries! Im not very technical, more of a system breaker than maker :wink: and there isn’t much info out there that I can find for EFIdroid.

So does any one with more experience than me know if its possible to install UT through EFIdroid? and if so enabling dual boot while preserving both Ubuntu recovery and TWRP?

If/ when this is possible, combined with anbox being usable on a FP2, suddenly UT becomes a real day to day phone! And that is personally my goal, a non-android based OS.

EFIDroid doesn’t work on the FP2 currently.

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That. More info over here …


Hello @katoiam !
When I want to use UT, I only restore the image via TWRP. This doesn’t restore the recovery (it stays on TWRP) but this is not a problem for running Ubuntu Touch.
However, when I want to update UT, the recovery is needed so I do the above-mentionned procedure (reinstalling through UBports-installer without wipe). But as I’m on stable channel, this has to be done once every ~2 months.

And concerning EFIdroid, I made several attempts to run it, without success. See end of the post @AnotherElk quoted…

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