Switch Your Privacy On

Do we consider addind kill-switch and privacy switch simillar to Murena 2 (links below). This would be a game changer for thousands of journalists and probably millions of peoples living in oppressive systems where governments routinely spy on their citizens. Even in EU country like e.g. Poland where government of Jaroslaw Kaczynski used Pegasus to spy on their political opononents. In Poland this was discovered and investigated in Russia, China or Saudi regime people have no chance to hide from their authorities and demand justice.

Both Murena and Fairphone have excellence business concepts but in competitive environment you should work together because now I can buy Murena 2 without 5G (which is usless) or Fairphone 5 without privacy kill switch (which again is not very useful for an investigative journalists who needs to protect his sources). Adding mechanical kill switch would made future iterations of Pegasus useless. Please do consider this upgrade I am sure for millions of people it would be a reason to switch to Fairphones.


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