Switch normal/silent modes?


How can I access a quick option to switch from normal to silent(vibrate) mode, in stead of playing with the volume button each time i wanna switch quickly ?

Btw, i didn’t find any possibility to define different sound profiles in the options… I hope FP2 didn’t forget to include this in their interface… Right ?

You’ll need a widget like Power Toggles or an XPosed Module like gravity Box (needs root access) to switch fast without the volume buttons.

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You can also file a feature request for it. There is currently no such feature request there.

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Thanks for the fast answers guys.

I just added a request on the list.

I’ll try the gravity box for now. Let’s see… I’m quite surprised that it isn’t integrated in the os…

Press long time on power button and on this menu, below reboot you have the sound mode.

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Oh man you’re right. It’s so simple. Now i feel so stupid :slight_smile: thank you very much. Subject solved.

Cool! I wasn’t sure if it was what you asked for :smiley:

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