Switch from FP2 to FP4 and reuse voucher

Hi all,

with the end of software support fory FP2, I’d like to use this opportunity and buy a new FP4 as replacememt. I noticed that fairphone offers a voucher if 50€ when returning a functional FP2 (Recycling) . I’d like to use that since I want to keep only the newer FP4 in the future. Since I don’t need any equipment from the FP store or plan to purchase anything else but the FP4, I’d like to use the voucher when buying the FP2. My questions on this process:

  • Do I get it right that in this case I need to hand in my FP2 first, then wait for the voucher and then order the FP4? There is no possibility to apply the voucher “afterward” (like in a cashback manner) to a previously bought article - or did I miss sth. here?
  • Has anyone of you already experience with that process? In particular on the timeline? Can I rely on the promised 1-2 weeks between sending the old phone an arrival of the voucher? For my case this is relevant, since I somehow need to work around having no main smartphone during that time (which I can do with another old Samsung device, but which I do not want to use any longer/more intensely than necessary).

Thanks for sharing your experiences :slight_smile:


From the FAQs at the bottom of the Recycling page I would assume that you will indeed only get the voucher (code) after sending in the FP2:

How long will it be until I get my Fairphone Gift Card?

Typically you should receive your Fairphone Gift Card or your cashback within 2 weeks of shipping your old phone(s), however this depends on shipping time.
Please allow up to 28 days before contacting our Customer Support as there could be varying shipping times and potential processing delays due to the pandemic.

Fairphone discount codes are indeed only applicable to current purchases, not “in hindsight”.

You are raising a very valid point here. The gap “in between phones” runs against the idea that FP2 users are encouraged to change to the FP4 if (!) their FP2 doesn’t meet their needs anymore. Maybe you should contact support to let Fairphone know about this problem – I think you’re not the only one.

P.S.: I am only noticing the term “cashback” now … a request to Fairphone Support might be really worthwhile (needs quite some patience though :wink: )


Hi @urs_lesse , thanks for your sharing your understanding and the links that seem to confirm what I would have assumed.

And also thanks for the hint - I’ll indeed issue a request to Fairphone. Let’s see how that works out - I’ll post an update here once I receive a reply.


Hi all,

meanwhile I received an answer from Fairphone support (actually a couple oft weeks ago, my bad to not Providence the update here earlier):

FP indeed has adapted the process and you now receive the voucher after registering for returning your phone, but before you actually need to send it :slight_smile: So, exactly to fitting the use case: replace FP 2 by FP4 while sending FP2 to reuse or recycling. Good job, Fairphone!

And here again the link to the updated refund process: Recycling


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