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Hello guys,

I’m from Switzerland and I heard about the awesome Fairphone2 and want to buy one as my old Samsung is broken. But now I’m wondering about where to buy. As far as I can see I have two options: either buying it directly from fairphone or buying it from a swiss reseller such as digitec or faircustomer. The second option costs me 600CHF in total. The question is how much it is if I buy directly from fairphone:
I calculated as following: I have 432,50€ for the phone plus 18,50€ for delivery by DHL. In total 451€ (~487CHF today). I know I have to pay in addition the swiss VAT (8%) on 467CHF for the phone which results in ~38CHF so now at 525CHF. Now I’m asking people from Switzerland who already did it this way: How high are the import fees from the swiss customs and how much does DHL/Post charge as handling fees? Is it still below the 600CHF I had to pay if I buy from digitec?

Remark: I already looked at this thread here: Shipping to Switzerland is too expensive (almost 50€)
But the last post there is from March and the information is mostly outdated (two delivery options DHL/DPD for ~50€)

Thanks for any hints on this

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Hi, I’m in Switzerland and selling my fairphone 2, which I got in March, for 460CHF. I’m trying to find out how the guarantee can be transferred. Let me know if you’re interested.

And about shipping and VAT: I honestly don’t remember how much I paid but remember that the handling fee seemed quite low compared to what Swiss Post charges. The phone is from the first batch so I paid 50 Euros shipping.

Hey Sascha, thanks for your reply. I am interested but as I’m still new I can’t send you a personal message.
I’ve calculated a bit more and now found out that the VAT of 8% is actually applied to the price including shipping and the handling fee of the carrier (DHL). Fun fact: DHL service fee depends on how much they have to pay to the customs office. :grin: And the customs use a slightly worse course for conversion from € to CHF.
So now I have 432,50€ + 18,50€ = 451€ ~ 492CHF. On the website of DHL I found that they charge 2% of the fees they pay or 3CHF whichever is higher. (see here: So I count this towards the 492CHF which results in 495CHF. VAT on that is 0.08 * 495CHF = 39.6CHF.
So overall this would lead to 43 CHF to be paid at delivery and 492CHF to buy, in total 535CHF.
As far as I found out there are no additional import fees by the swiss customs.
Can someone confirm these, and especially the totally low handling fee of DHL (compared to swiss post: 20CHF!)?
But anyway I think this will definitely be cheaper than the 600 CHF for buying from swiss reseller. Other things to consider are warranty handling which I expect to be much easier if I buy from a local reseller but on the other hand I guess (hope) I don’t have to think about that too much. :wink:

So in conclusio: Can someone confirm these prices (for example if he ordered other things (electronics) via DHL)? I think if I buy a new one, I’ll do it by ordering directly, but still maybe I can get it second hand from Sascha which of course is better. (more environmentally friendly and, of course, cheaper) But I’d rather not buy unseen electronics over the internet (sorry Sascha, bad experiences) But if we could somehow meet that would be sweet. :slight_smile: Maybe you can write me a personal message, even though I’m still new?

Hey, did you get my message?

You should not have to pay any import charges or additional taxes, the phone is coming from an EU country (Netherlands) when ordering it in the Fairphone webshop.

But Switzerland is not an EU country.

I know, but it has open borders with the EU and participates in the EU single market.

Way more easy to get the Fairphone.

Viel Spass demit :slight_smile:

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As easy but more ethical:

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Hello themax,

I don’t know if my answer is too late but anyway:

As Switzerland is not in the EU:

  • Swiss citizen don’t pay the VAT of the european country where they import from, in this case the dutch VAT which is 21% (it is automatically taken off of the price of the Fairphone when you order on the website and your adress is in Switzerland)

  • If your parcel goes through Swiss customs you should pay (since the price of what you are ordering is above 62 francs):
    8% Swiss VAT
    AND 16 francs for consignments
    AND a 3% surcharge on taxable merchandise (see the official website for more details :
    (the total is still less than the dutch VAT then…)

BUT I can also tell you that your parcel might not go through customs. I live in Switzerland as well. My brother received his Fairphone 2 a few months ago and it didn’t go through customs. Mine was delievered last week and It also didn’t go through customs.

Hope that helps!

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Hej you all, thank you very much for answering. In the meantime I bought the phone from Sascha so I can’t serve with a experience story. But I’m sure on the financial side you save about 50-60CHF if you buy from fairphone directly on the other side it’s much more convenient to order from a swiss reseller, and as chrisse pointed out there are quite a few, also some focused on sustainability. :+1:

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