Swipe recognized as multiple single taps

Hi there!
Got my FP3 when it was published and I’m really happy with it.
Could also replace a defect bottom module (about a month ago) and the experience was great!

Now I have another problem.
Yesterday my FP3 fell down on the street and everything seemed to work fine at first.
Then I wanted to unlock the phone - bam. Nothing works.
It seems that I can’t swipe enough up to deactivate the lock screen.
With double clicking the On/Off Button I can start the camera, then pressing the home button it closes.
But when I try to swipe to switch to other screens with my more important apps, nothing works.
After some try arounds, I have this behaviour:

Swiping doesn’t work, instead multiple taps are registered on the screen.
For example: If I open Firefox and want to scroll down, every text I swipe over is selected and every link is clicked.
Also when swiping on the main screen, every app I happen to swipe over is opened (also all links in this app then).
When I want to write messages, every keyboard click is pressed multiple times (e.g. pressing ‘a’ results in ‘aaaaaaa’).

Does anybody know the problem?
Could it be a faulty display contact?
Or could it be that I accidentially activated a strange setting that regulates the tap/swipe behaviour? I read some titles on FP2s having such a problem (without reading them in detail).

don’t want to buy a new screen module if not necessary…

Thx in advance!

Hi and welcome, probably there is just something loose. You could check if the black plastic frame is “closed” completely. If that’s the case and still not working, I would disassemble it completely.


Dis- and reassambled it and it works like a charm! :slight_smile:
Seems that there was some dust on the contacts between the display module and the pins of the board. Removed it and it seems to work!

Thx @yvmuell, will mark your answer as solution!


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