Swipe fingerprint sensor to bring down notification bar

Coming from an s10e, the swipe to pull notification bar was a really useful gesture for reachability, now with a bigger phone that also has a capacitive fingerprint sensor I would have thought this phone would have it to. Sadly, it doesnt seem to. Would be nice for them to add it


I also requested this for the FP4, they liked the idea. But I guess they have their hands full already. Best is to contactsupport with this request.


I feel you.
Coming from a Pixel 4a, i’m still desperately trying to swipe the fingerprint sensor…
Would be such a rad feature…

You can swipe down from anywhere in the screen (a place without icon) to pull the notification bar.

Personally I don’t see why using the fingerprint sensor would be easier (it is on the side).

If you want or have to use the phone with just one hand, it is very convenient (and easier esp. with a shorter thumb and fingers). Even more, if you have get used to it.

What about the one-handed mode (in System → Gestures)? Instead of the Pull screen into reach option (which shrinks the screen in half), you can set it to Show notifications. Note that you must use gesture navigation instead of the 3-button navigation to use this feature.

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Swiping down on blank areas is launcher specific, and doesnt work when an app is open.

One handed mode, while good requires an extra interaction compared to just swiping the fingerprint sensor, making it more efficient.


Are you answering me ? I swipe down with one hand from the middle of my screen and I was used to do it on a fingerprint reader at the back of the phone.

The worst thing in human beings is doing things by habit and don’t want to try anything else because it is not their habits.

Not really? I just swipe once on the white bar at the bottom of the screen and it opens notifications bar. Note that I’m on FP4, but it should hopefully work the same on FP5.

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I didn’t even know that works on my Pixel 4a :slight_smile: .

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I totally agree with you about habits!

But sometimes it isn’t about narrowminded habits etc., sometimes it is about physical inabilities especially with bigger screens.
And as @Srootus mentioned above, this technique works just on homescreens.

In the end it isn’t a showstopper for me, rather a nice-to-have feature… :slight_smile:

I just tried - on an FP4 - as I was curious. The one-handed-mode gesture also works when an app is open, but only when swiping down max. ~1 cm from the lower edge of the screen, not in the middle. I guess this needs some training before it comes naturally.

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I was talking about the swipe-any-blank-area-to-bring-down-notification-panel only working on launchers/home screens.

With the swipe capacitive touch sensor gesture previous phones had, you could swipe your fingerprint sensor anywhere, in any app and pull down the notification panel in just one gesture without having to adjust grip, (you could even with Samsung Psy, swipe up to bring up your payment card).

Its not habit or narrow minded, its just a nice, efficient way to pull down the notification bar, one handed, in any app, on a large screen device; and I’m just surprised these devices dont seem to have it yet.

All I wanted to do was to make something explicit that IMHO wasn’t so fully clear from the earlier post, because I think that “this technique works just on homescreens” without context could be misunderstood. I’ve been in the software industry long enough to have seen people draw wrong conclusions because the full info was spread over different posts by different people where it’s not always clear who responds to whom and which part of their posting.

So maybe as a summary

  • swiping down on the fingerprint reader doesn’t work at all
  • swiping down anywhere on the screen with one-handed-mode works on homescreens (and potentially not on all launchers)
  • swiping down near the bottom edge of the screen with one-handed-mode also works when an app is open (my 2 cents: I personally find it easier to just reach the top with my thumb for swiping than getting the swipe motion right near the bottom edge; but if this is something that helps a person who didn’t know about it yet, why not?)

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