Sweden not available as country for update of address

Was in the process of ordering a Fairphone 3. But, Sweden was not in the list of available countries… Anyone knows why?


You are right, I tested this. However, this can be solved: You need to set Sweden/Sverige in your language settings first:

The same problem/solution should apply to Norway and Iceland.

Please note: Once you have done this, the price will be adjusted to the higher VAT in your country – so unfortunately, it increases to 475 € then. :frowning:


I can’t find the topic at the moment, but I remember a similar problem a few weeks back or so.
IIRC you need to login, then change your language and country settings and then Sweden should be available while ordering.


Thanks for the answers!

Was going to change language settings, but, when I was about to do this, I realized that suddenly it was possible to choose SWEDEN as delivery country without changing language. Maybe it was changed during the day?

Regardless. I’ve now ordered a Fairphone 3 :slight_smile: (used to have FP2, but currently unfaithful with iphone se, due to many issues on top of each other with the FP2… did not feel super good to drop the fp2, but the iphone was at least used. However, now looking forward to FP3!)


In Sweden you can buy Fairphone 3 from Inrego (www.inrego.se).


Thank you :slight_smile: I have added this shop in ✏ List of Fairphone 3 Resellers. Feel free to update/improve the information.


I also have problems with my FP2. Which of these can we be positive that FP3 has solved?

Well, I would guess, they have tried to solve all the issues.
And I am quite hopeful, as the design is quite different. The most evident example is the display:

  • FP2: clip-on kind of solution
  • FP3: 13 screws to keep it fixed.

Here are some of my thoughts on this topic:

We - i.e. me to be honest - can ot be positive on anything, as the FP3 is rather new to the market and there are no long-term experiences available.
If in doubt, wait some more (let’s say 6 months) and check back to find out if there are some troubles that are reported so often, that this seems to be more than just the random single failure.

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