Sustainability and the Impact of Cobalt

Dear forum members,

For our ongoing project, we are seeking an expert in the field of sustainability, with specific knowledge about cobalt and the adverse effects associated with it. Cobalt, an essential element in many sustainable technologies such as electric vehicles and batteries, raises increasing concerns regarding its environmental and social consequences during extraction and processing.

If you possess expertise in cobalt and its impact on the environment, miners, and local communities, we invite you to share your knowledge. We are interested in insights regarding:

  1. Environmental impact: How does the extraction and processing of cobalt affect the environment, particularly in areas where these activities take place?
  2. Social aspects: What social issues arise from the cobalt industry, such as working conditions for miners, human rights issues, and the impact on local communities?
  3. Sustainable alternatives: Are there emerging methods or alternative materials that can be used to replace cobalt in sustainable technologies?

Our goal is to gain a holistic understanding of the issues surrounding cobalt and explore ways to mitigate its negative impact. Your contributions can be invaluable to the success of our project and the broader community striving for sustainability.

We look forward to a constructive and informative discussion. Thank you for your contributions!

Best regards,

Willem Rasenberg

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What project is it, could you elaborate a bit more?


I would recommend to create a mastodon/fediverse account and also post this question there. There are many experts and more and more organisations are also joining, so you might get a lot of useful information or at least have people point you in the right direction.
The community is very friendly. :slight_smile: