Suspicious security alert

Hello there,

I received this message on my F2 today and find it suspicious – I don’t trust
anything that volunteers to update security out of the blue.
Android Security –

“Your battery is severely damaged by (4) viruses! We have detected that your Android
battery is running at (28.1%) capacity due to harmful viruses from recently visited adult sites.”

Besides the fact that I didn’t visit such sites, this looks all wrong.

Anyone else come across this?

Many thanks


Seems to be a fraudulent message. Why would a battery be damaged by viruses? Also, mentioning “adult sites” is suspicious. (I had never seen that a “real” antivirus program mentions this.)

If that message appears in your notifications (they appear when you pull the top bar down), you can press and hold the notification until the app name appears.

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Most probably it’s a “fake pop-up” message on a webpage. The battery percentage is exposed by JavaScript.
Use a browser which could block adds (e.g. Firefox [F-Droid, PlayStore] + uBlock Origin addon).

@TobiasF answer is possible, too.

Hi, Kevin!
Had that message also… it appeared after clicking on a link to a news-site. (definately NON ADULT. :wink: )
clicked it away and since then nothing. I believe it was a malware popup on this site.
best regards

Thanks all,
I would rather do without pop-ups and I had been using Lightning as my browser. Maybe that’s a weak link. I’m thinking of reverting to Firefox.


Hi all,
I had the same thing last night when on facebook. I clicked a link to a news article (on occupydemocrats) I think and had the same thing. It immediately connected to an app on google play suggesting I downloaded.

I cleared cache history and shut down phone.

I’ve only had phone for a few days so was alarmed to see this! Especially after only ever being on iphones before and never seeing anything of this nature before. Do android phones need virus software?

I think it is to do with the site you visited as I have only had the problem when viewing a particular site ( a media site as it happens) and t happened after I had fixed the problem as instructed. Each time I visited the site (and only that site), the same thing would happen.

I’ll give it some more time before going back.

Don’t be discouraged…


Just install an adblocker on your web browser or use one that has it already enabled and don’t install app from unknown sources if you can’t tell whether the source is trustworthy.

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