Survey for Thesis

Hello everyone, I am a Master’s student at The University of Twente. For my Thesis I am studying modular smartphones like Fairphone. If you are a user can you please react or reply to this topic and based on the numbers I can also share the link of the survey.

Hope for suppport and cooperation.


Hello @Gomez
Please reach out to me with a personal message and I’ll see how can we help


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Can I have a link please!

How can I contact you personally?

Hi @Gomez, I would like to participate in this survey!

Can you share the link?

You need to have reached “Basic user” level to be able to send direct messages here.

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I changed your trust level to TL1, so should work now.

I opened a direct message with them, it’s not an issue.
So far they have not answered my request to see the survey :slight_smile:


I’ll answer the survey if you send it to me

@Gomez said they would share the questionnaire after it gets approved on the 30th, I will bump up the post once that happens


How can I take part?

Happy to take part when you are ready

I’m up for a survey about my phone. Pencil me in.

Dear Gomez, I am happy to fill out your survey as well :slight_smile:

I’m a FP3+ user and interested too

I’d be happy to fill out the survey!

Happy to be included.

Sign me up for the survey!

I’d be more than happy to participate.