Surprise in the mail!

Ordered the FP4 last friday evening. Ouch! 4-5 weeks estimated delivery time. Well, grin and bear it.
Yesterday, to my big surprise, I got a notification that I had a parcel to pick up. It can’t be the Fairphone, can it? Well, it could and it indeed was!
Very strange with a 7 days delivery time, when the estimate was 4-5 weeks. I’m happy it wasn’t the other way 'round!
So far I’m very pleased with my new phone.


I know, it’s shocking when things don’t turn out as expected


AFAIK the phones reach FP in batches. So it may sometimes take weeks until the next batch arrives and sometimes you’re lucky and the batch just arrives shortly after your order…
Just my uneducated impression… :slight_smile:


Same here, instead of in 3 weeks it will be delivered coming Monday. I calculated on the 3 weeks actually, because I expect then the update that will fix most of my complaints with the phone. Let’s see how it goes :nerd_face:

Who knows, or do you know more :rofl::joy:

Support gave me that info.

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