Support? Where are you?

Hello, FP-support? Where are you? Couple of months ago I bought a new mic-module (FP2). It is broken (already). I submitted a form, asking: could you replace this? I got an answer back, asking me to fill in a form (with all the IMEI, Battery series-number AND pictures). I gave all the information I could give (no pictures, I have only one FP, no other camera), but I did not receive any answer yet. How come? Fairphone has all the info they need (order form, invoices, another order form) but it seems that they cannot manage all the support questions. I have not been able to use my phone for 14 days (I need it, workwise). Fairphone, I am leaving you. This is not the correct way to deal with early adaptors and believers. It’s a pity. Cheers, Sven

Here in the community we suggest to give them a call, see The Forum Guide to... Fairphone Support (has local numbers for the Netherlands, France and Germany).


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