Support the A13 Flashlight Brightness APIs for the FP4

Despite, reports


Can you please elaborate a little bit more detailed, what you are trying to tell us and how the community might help you?


How to charge an Iphone quickly helps how?

And really including a link that directly downloads an apk? I fixed the link to give the chance to decide and read first

Supported Device

The minimum version of Android is 13 (SDK33).

Flashlight brightness control only supports HAL version 3.8 and higher, so among the supported devices, the latest ones (For example, Pixel 6/7, Samsung S23, etc.)

Edit: the FP5 isnt supported either, so would is rather be the App developer to support the devices?

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Just to mention that the linked app is available on F-droid:

(Still, sure, it applies that FP4 and FP5 are not supported)

Maybe it’s rather the devices as another app (FlashDim - Dim your flashlight | F-Droid - Free and Open Source Android App Repository) also says (for FP4)


Maybe this just adds to the weird set-up on the FP5 where it just turns off after 4 minutes by purpose without any options to adjust…

However we will not really solve here so @rokejulianlockhart contact support and open a feature request

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Sorry, put wrong link in there somehow. I don’t remember ever visiting that article. It’s been fixed.

I’m not referring to and haven’t tried the fp5, and that would be a separate issue anyway. However, that sounds annoying as heck.

Thank you! I forgot to check.

I’m uncertain exactly what you mean by that, but to respond to what I can glean, indeed this issue is device (firmware)-specific. That’s why I’ve reauested this here rather than at the relevant GitHub repository’s issue tracker. The device firmware should report a value from 1 to 256.

Yeah, I always file those eventually, but @Fairphone support isn’t useful when filing #feature requests unless there’s community interest.

I was referring to what @yvmuell had mentioned (see my quote above) that the issue might be caused by the app and so the app developer should be contacted.

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I understood you didnt check however I did as its the newer device and also running A13 and for a feature request FP is actually checking other example devices and naming than another FP device makes it a lot easier.

I can’t parse that, @yvmuell. Apologies.

Is there already more progress towards getting variable flashlight brightness on the FP4 and FP5?
It would be a super useful feature to have, e.g. to have a small reading light that does not drain the battery as much.


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