Support request not answered yet

Hi, I posted a request to Fairphone support over a month ago but have had no reply. I see from Support request not answered yet that others share my experience…

Is anyone from support team on here? My request is

I am finding my Fairphone 2 really unreliable: random reboots (or just switching itself off), proximity sensor broken, camera sluggishness, and various other things not working as you’d expect.

I really really agree with what Fairphone is trying to do, but would really appreciate if someone could reply to my support request.

I am out of the 14 day return period, what are my options?

Did you already call them? Normally that speeds things up.
Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400

Thanks, I will do that!

He, sorry for not replying to your messages earlier. I will make sure that we respond today and that you will have a properly working phone as soon as possible!

Hey, I see that my colleague has gotten in touch with you already. Sorry for the delay, we’ll fix the issue!

(sorry for my bad english)

Hello !

I have a well known issue with my FP2 (Parts of the touchscreen don’t work - See first post for troubleshooting).
I send a message (ticket) to the support 21 days ago and I have no response.
I tried to call several times but it doesn’t work.

What can I do for someone help me ?



I moved your post here where @anon48893843 or another FP employee will answer you soon.

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Ok. Thank you @paulakreuzer !

We are very sorry for the late reply, we are still way too busy but we’re also expanding the team and smoothening out processes. I’ll make sure you will receive help today! Thanks for your patience in the meantime.

Thank you @anon48893843 !
I’m waiting more quietly now I had your response. :slight_smile:

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Hi,I try to contact you using this topic because it’s quite urgent.

My FP2 camera hasn’t worked since I received it, and I had some Bluetooth issues.
This is my last ticket number #102949 (I sent it 20 days ago)

Suddenly Yesterday the phone switched off and it doesn’t work anymore now,if I try to switch it on,it switches off 2 seconds later.
Could you please contact me as soon as you can and tell me what should I do to send you my phone back?
It’s urgent because I’m using my old phone now but it works really bad.
Perhaps @anon48893843 can you help me?

This is a community forum, FP staff does not regularly look into it.
By contacting support, i.e. creating a ticket, you already did the right thing. If you want to speed up the process I’d suggest you give them a call (phone number is on the support web site).

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Hey Sara, thanks for letting us know. I’ll make sure you will get an answer today and a working phone as soon as possible! Apologies for the long wait, thanks for your patience.

Thanks a lot,I received your answer with the instuctions!

Ticket #103955 (result of #95376)

I have no phone for a month now and I am losing patience.

Camera module was defective, but I had to send in my whole phone, repair team broke the display but sent it back nevertheless. I had to send in the phone again, this was more than two weeks ago.
I was promised more than once that there will be a fast solution as this was a damage caused by repair center. Only statusupdate in two weeks: pictures of the damage were made. @anon48893843 could you in contact with me, please.

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Hey @bfb, we understand your frustration on this one, but have no doubt that we are actively looking for a solution with our technicians. Sorry for this delay, we are doing our best to find the best process possible here. We will keep communicating through the customer support ticket.

have the same problem. wrote a ticket (Request #102932) on may 3 and have not yet recieved an answer. if someone from customer support (like @anon48893843) reads this I would be more than happy if we could sort this out soon!

I wrote a ticket ( #100785) the 8th of may and I havn’t gotten any reply except the auto-reply. I understand that you don’t have enogh resources at the moment to process all of the tickets, but the lacking custumer support is a big drawback for me. @anon48893843

My request #101444 waiting since April 25, 2016. I received a Fairphone 2 with a broken screen and posted the request on the day I received it. This gravely delutes my belief in Fairphone as a successful project.

Hello @paul29, @Lucas_Carlsson and @xlii, you should have an answer by now. Sorry again for the delay.