Support request not answered yet

Hello. I just want to contribute, that I am also waiting for a reply from support since a month. The ticket number is #98747.It is about the (in my opinion “standard”) problem of the camera, which can not focus to close objects like a coin and streaks. It is really annoying, because I need the camera for documentation purposes most of the time.


I try to get in contact with servicedesk since february.
I am experiencing random reboots and now the microphone died as well. The phone is not useable for me without microphone (obviously ;))

I have tried all tips here I could find including hard reset och reassembling the bottom module.
Still dead microphone - have to go back to my old phone.

Does someone at Fairphone read here please contact me or does someone here have tricks how to get in contact with them? Tried calling but did give up after waiting 20 minutes.
I really love the idea of Fairphone and I am extra disappointed that I - at least at the moment- can´t say much positive about the phone or the company :frowning:

Last step will be to hand this to my attorney and have help to get a full refund as the phone is not usable now. I would rather have them fix it :frowning: Any suggestions?

Greetings and thanx in advance!

oh, the tickets. To set them to solved after answering me the standard answer that they are experiencing a lot of issues and come back in 8(!?!) days makes me …

Id Subject Last activity Status
104747 Re: [Fairphone] Re: rebooting FP2 3 hours ago OPEN
95977 Re: [Fairphone] Re: rebooting FP2 18 days ago SOLVED
82100 rebooting FP2 3 months ago SOLVED

@anon48893843 could you have a look at these?

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My FP2 has a lot of little and big problems (camera focus, bright spots on the screen, display flicker,…). I wrote them a first time on april 25 (Request #101316). 5 days ago, I wrote them a second time because the mobile signal on my FP2 is increasingly low and interrupted in more and more locations. Since a couple of days, I can’t give and receive any calls in my own house (neither inside or outside). ! And the signal for the same mobile network is good with the iPhone of my wife or other phones of friends.

I can’t wait a month for a response, I need my phone for work.

Does anyone know how to pass an urgent request ?

Tanks in advance

Have you considered that your SIM might be broken? See this topic:

Easiest way to find out is to try your wife’s SIM card in the FP2.

Thanks for your response !

But my SIM card is OK. It works properly in areas where the signal level is high. But when it decreases, I lose it faster than with any other phone (it’s the case when I’m at home whereas it was not before).

The antenna or signal quality is not really good, compared to other phones, but good enough for me. I’m sometimes travelling to Vienna by train, with the FP2 i am about 20-30 minutes without a signal in the Semmering region (mountains) - provider bob and a german one roaming. With iPhone Moto G2 or Lumia there was only a fallback to 2G or single loss in the tunnel for a minute or so.
Doesn’t help you, but that is my experience too.
bg thomas

Thanks. But in my case, what is curious is that it worked correctly until a few days. That’s why I think there is a hardware problem.

What usually works quite well in this case is to call them (the phone number is at the bottom of the support site).

I know this isn’t the place for this but I’m running out of options, I’ve contacted your support with no reply for over 2 weeks, the phone number listed on your website doesn’t work and I’ve messaged you through 2 social networks to no reply. According to your production blog ( all orders from February have now been shipped but my order from 22nd February is still listed as pending, why has my order been left out and not filled?

Hey, our apologies for the slow service and thanks for your patience. I have seen that all your requests have now been answered. Let us know if there are further questions!

Hey, we’re sorry for the late reply! I will make sure you will receive an answer from us today. Thanks for your patience…

Hey David, we sent you a new phone by now. Thank you for your patience and sorry for this series of problems.

Hey @arnaudpauw, we answered you now. Sorry for this delay…

@theanswersalwaysyes how is your new Camera module going?

@Michiel_S, I have sent two emails, one through your website, confirming that I wish to return my phone due to faults. I haven’t heard from customer service yet and I am getting very close to 14 days from receipt of the phone. Can you please advise?
Many thanks,

Hey, apologies for the late reply. I’m making sure you’ll receive an answer from us today!

Hi! I hope you’re well. I’ve been trying to do the return but keep getting an error (kCFErrorDomainCFNetwork error 303). Can you please advise? Many thanks, Niamh.

Same here, could you please answer me asap, too? My ticket number is #105025. Thank you!