Support request not answered yet

My ticket is #115164. Please have a look into it.
Since it reboots all the time I need a solution and I’m really frustrated about the current situation.
Thanks in advance.

My request tickets are 111568 and 115224 that are both related with the same touchscreen problems.

I’m stuck with a broken FP2 display and open ticket #114466 for a month now. Any chance you could take a look?

The email got lost in spam :wink:
I placed a new request, the ticket number is #119642.

It seems as if the support is currently the backbone of the company and it’s under heavy pressure. Wherever I read, people complain about wating for weeks or even months for their ticket to be answered.

This situation makes me really nervous, because it would be an absolutely unnecessary and disastrous circumstance, if Fairphone’s reputation would be destroyed by an inability of processing support tickets in appropriate time.

I personally feel a little helpless there, because I’d like to help them out somehow and I feel like being active in the forums is not enough to take weight from the support’s shoulders. :disappointed:


Hey @Trust, thank you for your kind words and your offer to help.
I can tell you that solving tickets is now the top priority for the team, but it will take some more days or weeks untill we’ll see the results. There are thousends of tickets still open for us to be answered.

But you can help, and many of you already do. This forum is a great way to prevent new tickets from being created.

Some days ago I started a topic that offers some tips on how the community can help release some of the pressure from our support team:

We really appreciate everyone in this forum helping each other. We would be in a much more difficult situation if the forum and community wasn’t here.



I’ve been almost waiting four weeks

Hey all,

First of all, we would like to apologize for not replying to your request earlier. In the few past months since the delivery of the Fairphone 2, our small support team has been overwhelmed by the amount of email we’ve received.

Despite trying a variety of ways to improve response times and reduce the number of open requests, it’s still proving to be a very difficult task.

We have hired 7 new people to help the support team and members from other teams are using any spare time they have to help the support team.

We expect that we need some more weeks to get the response time back to acceptable lengths and are very thankful for your patience.

We want to work from the oldest to newest ticket to help everyone in the fairest possible way. To make sure that everyone gets a response in the order they came in, we want to reduce side-channel requests for support like the ones in this topic.

Posting your ticket nr. here, or on any other public channel, will therefor not speed up the process of your ticket being answered.

We hope that everyone can accept this is the fairest way to deal with support requests.

Community Support


The pile of unanswered support requests must be huge when Fairphone needs 7 additional support members. But I hope Fairphone will now be faster with answering support requests. Which answering time is planned at the end?

These “side-channel requests” are made after weeks or months of waiting. I can understand those people, some of them have FPs that don’t work at all.

Imagine that long waiting time with a heating or a car.

I assume you mean “from oldest to newest”, since “newest” and “latest” are synonymous. :wink:


Yes, you are right. I will edit the topic to make this more clear.


How many members does the support team have right now? And how many members does it have in total? I always thought support at FP are up to 10 people. So now the new team would consist of 17 members? Not bad for a small company.

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10 new people were brought on the support team since June.
Effectively the team was doubled as they are with 20 now.

The entire Fairphone team is 53 people.

Mind you, this are not all full-time people. At the moment I was not able to get a good view on the total FTE’s. but this is less as the smallest contracts are 2 days a week.


Hi. I appreciate your work and understand you are all very busy.

I’ve been having screen problems for three months. I submitted a ticket back then, 107539, which never got a reply but it has resolved itself so it can be closed. But I’ve lately gotten new issues and submitted ticket 121052 today. Since it’s submitted today I’m not expecting you to have looked into it already, but I wanted to mention it here because of my old issue too :slight_smile: Thanks in advance. Glad to see you are expanding!

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Thank you for these informations. Can you give us a update of the situation from time to time ? Have you more or less an idea when will you caught up the overdue tickets?

Some tickets have a due date, if they are send in time to you, are they also examined ?

Best Regards,

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I hope you can afford this expansion, because I personally would feel a bit troubled if you had to do this to resolve the current ticket situation, but could actually not afford it on the long run.

Just wnated to say that everything is solved. I got contacted by support, they sent me a new top module for free, it got here quickly, I exchanged the broken one and everything works fine now.


I submitted a request (#117824) 3 weeks ago because the screen of my Fairphone suddenly went broken. (It remains black all the time. Even the Fairphone logo doesn’t appear while booting.)

Since 2 days the status of my request changed from “OPEN” to “AWAITING YOUR REPLY”.
I don’t understand exactly what this means, as I still didn’t get a reply.

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Did you check your spambox?

Oh. There it is. I have it.

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