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#114067 @anon48893843 - I haven’t had a functional phone for more than a month. Endless bootloops. I am starting to seriously lose patience.

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Hello @anon48893843

May I kindly ask you to look into ticket #115698? I have good reasons to believe that this is a hardware issue.

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Hi FP support, hi @anon48893843,

could you please look into my request #114511, I am experiencing the problem described here: Noisy coloured pixels on my Fairphone 2

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I have some hardware problem and might need a new buttom modul, please answer my requests #110835 & #111640 (#111647 is the same, sorry my bad), I cannot use my phone for calls properly since 4 weeks @anon48893843 :frowning:

thank you,

Hey Christa, I have just answered your message. Let me know if anything is unclear, greets, Michiel

Hey Stilo, I have just replied to your message. We are getting more people in at the moment, so the understaffed problem should go away soon… Thanks for your patience, Michiel

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Hey, I have just replied to your message! Apologies for the long wait.

Hey Sophie, I just replied to your message. We’ll get you a working phone ASAP, thanks for the wait!

Hey, I have just sent you a message. Sorry for the late reply! Michiel

Hi, I have just sent you a message. Thank you for your patience!

Hey, I have just replied. Thanks for your patience.

I have just replied to your message, apologies for the long wait @chief_cook

Hi Alisdair, I just replied. Sorry for the long wait…

Hi Root, I have just sent you a message. Thanks for the elaborate description!

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I just replied to your message Marina, thank you for your patience!

Hey Jessica, I just replied to your message. Sorry you had to wait for so long, Michiel

Hey @anon48893843,

I think it is a hardware issue please have a look at #111683


Hey Sebastian, I just replied to your message! Greets, Michiel

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I contacted Customer Support in May. Ticket number #106604 @anon48893843 . Things have got worse. My phone does not work now.
An ethical company should surely be concerned about the quality of its product and service as much as its production.

Over a month ago the mocrophone in my FP2 stopped working - along with multiple other errors (phone freezing and restarting multiple times a day; cutting out on calls (when microphone worked); not sending/receiving MMS; internet access only on one sim etc).

I got a reply after 10 days from support saying that they would replace the phone and needed some more details from me - and would then send details about how to send my phone back. I replied the next day.

Now it is almost a month since this started and there is no response. I have had to buy another phone in the meantime - which defeats the whole purpose of having a sustainable phone that can be fixed!

Any suggestions on how to get in touch? Or is this the usual waiting times?