Support request not answered yet

This usually takes around a week after receiving the phone, but it differs a bit - sometimes the repair center is a bit too busy like we are too. Hope you can manage in the meantime!

I haven’t waited as much as some persons, but I have a really annoying problem with charging my fairphone since i received it…
I could charge it 2 times with no problems and since then, the microUSB doesn’t fit anymore. It “wiggles” in the module.
Thus the phone takes for ever to charge, as one little mouvement from a femtometer makes the microUSB disconnect from the phone and stop charging.
Are you aware of that problem on other phone from the same batch? I received it on Feb 12 2016.
Is there a brand of charger that is more compatible with the Fairphone? What can i look at or do, before ordering a new module?
Thank you very much!


Hey! Sorry to hear of your problems. Couldn’t find you directly in our system though, did you create a ticket yet and if so, can you share the ticket number? Thanks! Michiel

Oh sorry!
I created a ticket on June 17th ticket number: 111059


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While waiting for support answers, you could check in the meantime this thread (as some other people also reported problems with certain chargers/cables):

Maybe you find some helpful answers there.

or this list:

Thank you Freibadshwimmer,

I’ve already read a lot of those comments. The “head” of the chargers seem to be to narrow. And as there are slight differences in the microUSB sizes I was wondering if someone could give a brand that physically fit the FP2.

I will ask that question directly there as well thank you very much!


Thanks a lot PaulKreuzer!
I’ll check that!

Hello. I made a request 23 days ago about my screen not working properly, the speech quality being horrendous and ghost movement on the screen. Altogheter making my phone unusable. My ticket number is #107568 and I need a response as soon as possible.

Dear Support Team,

I created a support repair request #109896 on June 12th with similar problems as Rasmus + WIFI Range problems compared so several other phones (my FP2 has only about half the WF range compared to other phones). No response yet could you please process the request? Phone not really usuable. Thanks

I sent an e-mail on may 30th, still no answer yet
nr #107552.

On 13th of june i sent you an e-mail about the rightside of my screen not working, and got ticketnr 110083.
I cannot reach you by phone, so hereby;
Now it got worse! My phone is living its own life… For example; It opens apps when i dont touch it and if i get an incoming call i can hardly answer it because i cant slide it to the right…
Please can you solve this soon or at least give me a respond?

don’t be so impatient, i opened my Request N°105341 on May 17th and still no answer :confused: Can you @anon48893843 help me?

Baptiste, I have just responded to your message. Our apologies for not replying earlier!

Hey, our apologies for not replying earlier. I have done that just now. Thanks for your patience!

Sorry for the late reply! I have just handled your request.

Hey, I have just sent you a reply. Our apologies for not doing that earlier! Thanks for the detailed problem descriptions :slight_smile:

Hey Rasmus, I just replied to your message, we are going to make sure you get a replacement device as soon as possible. Thanks for your patience in the meantime!

Hey there,

also troubled by the infamous touchscreen issues.
My ticket number is #103553, it’s been a while but answer so far.
@anon48893843, looks like you’re the man, so would you be so kind and make the people in charge aware of this. :slight_smile:

Thank you all already in advance.

Hey Struppi, sorry for the late reply. I have just send you a message to make sure we can get your display up and running again. Many thanks for the patience!