Support request not answered after over 3 weeks

Are there any Fairphone staff members on here? I’ve been waiting since the 7th of July for a reply to a support request. My screen’s not working (one side doesn’t respond) and now today the phone ran out of battery at some point in the morning and won’t charge. Really not happy about the level of service from Fairphone and regretting I bothered with it to be honest.

The support team has a huge backlog, thus people have long waiting times currently.
Good news is, they hired new staff recently, so hopefully it will get better soon.

Alternately you can also call them, that usually speeds up things.


Could you please provide a link where you read that? Thanks in advance!


Maybe, in the time while waiting for a response from Fairphone, you can find some helpful answers or a solution here:

A kick-start of the battery may help:

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