Superuser bug - denies access by default

Hi guys

i think from last upgrade 1.8.7 (but could be on the older too) superuser stopped working.
made it work by going to superuser settings and disabled Declared Permission.
Could it be that in new Android versions the request has a different string - that newer apps could be sending - and this version of superuser doesn’t understand it?

The 1.8.7 update is already a year old and you’re the first one reporting this problem - so it’s definitely not a bug.
Superuser works for me and - I’m assuming - everybody else - otherwise we’d have heard about it.

So I guess something went wrong for you during upgrading - no idea what though.
But did I understand you right, that it works like before now after changing the settings?

so thats how we find bugs here? measuring users reporting them? it says a lot. The number of users using FP1 is low and from those the ones using root apps are really low from those ones installing new apps - not allowed yet - are really low…
i did the upgrade again and can surely do it again. This seems to be the solution for everything around here, which is itself an issue but let’s skip that.
Yes i removed the setting but not sure if that is secure.

Did a bit of search on that setting and found the issue. Guess i was right. New apps are not sending the expected

uses-permission android:name = “android.permission.ACCESS_SUPERUSER”

because it was deprecated.

and probably superuser version on 1.8.7 is expecting it - maybe an older version



Could you post which app you are trying to use so we can test it ourselves?

PS.: The community moderators (like me and @paulakreuzer) are not employed by Fairphone. If you want an official answer, you’ll have to contact Fairphone support.

According to the link you sent, it is deprecated in Android 5.0. It is still relevant on Android 4.2, so whichever app isn’t cooperating could probably still declare it on Android 4.2, but doesn’t (see a discussion about removing and reinstating the permission for example here).
As for updating the superuser app: SuperSU, for example, completely ignores it, which would have the same effect as disabling the check which you’ve already figured out how to do.

So essentially the bug is the presence of a feature that may be incompatible with apps that don’t declare permissions in a backwards-compatible manner. Will be interesting to see what this looks like in the upcoming 4.4 update - but given @jftr’s involvement, I’m guessing there will be an up-to-date superuser app.

apps show this behaviour: busybox, wifi key recover, es explorer, MT GPS

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