Superscreen - Yea or Nay?

Hey gang - take a gander at this goofy-looking thing.

I am of two minds. On the one hand, it might be nice having a faux-tablet on which to watch things, take pictures and maybe even use graphic drawing software, for cheap. On the other…isn’t there potentially a huge problem with eating up data, not to mention memory? Would it even work with a FP2? Is it, ultimately, worth the expense?

Turning the discussion over to you.

Looks like a nice idea. However I would not think that screen is capable of tasks that involve fast interactions like games or [quote=“Ed_Bycroft, post:1, topic:27499”]
drawing software
. You can already see quite some delays in the video you posted. I have never seen anything like this “Superscreen” before but it might also get the FP2 pretty hot.

What’s for sure is that you won’t get the full performance (if not a really weak one) of the phone when using such a screen.


Not at all for the data, its a local network (just work within 100 feets), it uses both bluetooth and wifi to work.
Why would it take more memory, after all its just an app that more or less stream your screen and I/O to your device :slight_smile:

Yup indeed, but we can be optimistic, and hope that they are going to improve it :smiley:
On their Kickstarter page : Both performance and functionality will be much better once we finalize both hardware tooling and software development.

Actually, the performances should be relatively comparable, streaming can be power hungry, but if think that if you don’t use the two screen at once, the performance imparement (and thus excess heat) should be okay, and for drawing, it doesn’t need much :slight_smile:

About the battery life of the phone, as it’s not using (not always…) the screen of the phone (which is terribly battery hungry), it should work for some time…

Is it worth the money ? At the current price ( 119$) i think it is, but at their retail price (299) no…not at all (comparing to a full featured tablet).

But it’s a kickstarter, and I personally got bad experiences (and the web is full of it)…so I won’t take the shot
Objectively, it seems to be a good project as they have already made most of the job, but the fact that they received so much money can make it difficult for them to respect delays, and not fall into all the traps that go on the way when you have such a bigger project than you expected.

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Aren’t there already apps today that can mirror your smartphone’s screen to your tablet? Should be fairly easy nowadays, considering that Miracast is built into Android.

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