Summer groupbuy for Brussel, Belgium

Hi all,

@BogersAsset and I were thinking of revamping our respective Fairphones and sharing the cost of delivery. The exchange locations would be in or around Brussels and/or Antwerp. The timeframe is still flexible, but would be sometime before august '19.

If you want in let’s discuss whats and whens and wheres :slight_smile:

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If you want to order more than two batteries, that will be difficult to merge in one shipment (for legal reasons – “hazardous goods” … basically the rules treat batteries almost like explosives). Maybe one of you Antwerp folks knows someone nearby on the Dutch side of the border – that person should have fewer problems because batteries shipped nationally won’t board an airplane (and thus easier rules apply).


Can you please explain in more details? Is it correct to say that for any transboundary shipment (even between Belgium/Netherlands) there are extra safety precautions? I don’t think the batteries are ‘shipped’ in airplanes from NL–> BE as there are tons of other options?

Anyway it’s good to know this but still the fairphone shop only charges 1 shipment fee even for multiple items so it’s still less expensive to share some of the shipment fee :smiley:

Theoretically there are, but I am sure that economics of scale and simplification make postal services treat each and every cross-border package more or less the same when it comes to method of transportation. Even if I sent a simple postcard to the next Dutch town Vaals (which even seamlessly borders my town Aachen), it would certainly take the route Aachen – Cologne airport – Amsterdam or Eindhoven airport – Vaals. Your stuff will probably be transported by car from Tilburg (Fairphone’s warehouse) to the same Dutch airport, fly from there to Brussels airport and be transported by car to the final destination (even if that is Antwerp) from there. Now of course I don’t know the exact details, but have a look at the DHL itinerary when you have the tracking number of your package.

Of course, it makes you (and me!) cringe (for ecological reasons) to see such routes … :tired_face:

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