Suggestions for FP2 (FP Open) backup and migration to FP with Google Services

Hi everyone!

After more than half a year with my FP2 running Fairphone Open right from the start I unfortunately have to switch to the Fairphone OS version including Google stuff for quite a number of apps that I really need not working properly (or not any more) without Google Play Services :frowning: Though I love the idea behind FP Open the FP2 itself is increasingly becoming a non-tool to me and after all a tool is all I want a smartphone to be. Thus I need a little advice from you.

  1. I want to back up & migrate some data such as SMS messages, caller details/telephone history, passwords (ideally, not a must) etc. Will do the job for me? Can I do it manually instead with the help of my Ubuntu Laptop?
  2. Any other data you recommend backing up manually? Most of my data such as contacts, calendars, e-mails are stored somewhere on the web in locations that I will be able to connect to after the upgrade/crossgrade again.
  3. Is a factory reset the best way to do this? I got my phone in Jan 2017 so I guess quite a few updates will be needed afterwards but that’s fine for me.

Thanks in advance for any help on this. I have searched the forums and if I have managed to oversee exactly my request elsewhere thanks for pointing me there!



If you want to have Google services, just install them additionally to Fairphone Open OS.
Download your desired ARM / Android 6.0 package from Open GApps (pico package will give you the Play Store), put it on an SD card in the phone, boot into recovery (TWRP), and install the downloaded ZIP file from there, reboot … done :slight_smile: .

I tried Open Gapps on my Fairphone Open.
My battery is dropping so much on Open Gapps, that I have switched back to Fairphone Open without Open Gapps.
And yes, that gives a problem with certain apps depending on the G… playstore.

I had no battery drain with Open GApps and Fairphone Open OS, and I have no battery drain with Open GApps and Lineage OS.
Must be an interaction with something else, would be interesting …

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