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1st post here. Just learned about Fairphone 4 today on theVerge and found this wonderful forum.

Being in Asia, it is unfortunate and unlikely I will be able to order a Fairphone compatible with my local carrier.

I wanted to start a thread (I didn’t find) for users to voice their opinion and request upcoming features, I think wireless charging would be convenient to have on a Fairphone as many automobiles / phone holders now have wireless chargers.

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Hi and welcome to the community forum, boldcaller.

About the wireless charging, the company currently responds like this

We made the conscious choice not to implement wireless charging in Fairphone 4, as it is still very inefficient & wastes a lot of energy. You can learn more details by reading this article on AndroidCentral
Wireless charging may be inefficient, but it's only a catastrophe if you ignore the alternatives | Android Central


A headphone jack would be nice. :confused: Or a second usb-c port.

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I don’t really understand Fairphone’s point… The article they link to is basically saying wireless charging is better than using USB ports because the latter also wastes energy in some different way, and that it should be the manufacturers responsibility to implement wireless charging in a way that doesn’t waste energy. Why do they use it to explain why they didn’t implement it?

(sorry, perhaps not the good place to start a discussion)

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120 Hz OLED screen as future upgrade for the screen (FP4+). Good for battery life and dark mode lovers. Good alternative for notification LED. When switching to 120 Hz while scrolling good for the eyes without much impact on battery life.

Headphone jack is requested a lot.

Wireless charging idem.

FM radio is another.

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