Suddently everything is wrong with my FP2 - what to fix?

I am the happy and proud owner of a FP2 from 2016. For some weeks it has been running out of battery very fast. After trying to kickstart the battery without luck, I have now ordered a new battery, and it is on its way.
BUT now other things are happening as well: the phone is responding very slowly when I type in words when for instance texting, and today I am told that I have too many apps and should delete some. However, I am also told that all of my apps have not been used for more than a year (which is not true…). I have tried to delete some, but it doesn’t change anything.

Is my phone simply old and tired?
Can I do something software-wise?
Can I replace or try to do something hardware-wise?

I have no idea where to start since several things are now wrong.

Best wishes,

Hi there
Are you on the stock android? Which version is it? Last one is 19.11.2. If it’s a earlier one, update it. You can find this in the updater app.
You could try a #dic:factorydatareset, but #dic:backup before if you want to.
If it were hardware, I would suspect the core module is indeed getting old, but a slow phone most of the time comes from software, and too many apps (how many do you have btw?).


I think your storage might simply be filled too much. Have a look at Settings > Storage and tell us how much space is used and how much is left available.

If that is the cause, you could get a MicroSD card and move big files (videos, photos, music) to the SD card to give your FP2’s internal storage some new room to “breathe” better :slight_smile:


This could also be some app doing a lot of work in the background, slowing your CPU performance and draining your battery.

Have a look in the battery settings just before charging to see which app used the most energy during the discharge cycle!


Thanks for the replies and suggestions!
I am running the 19.11.2 version.
I have 101 apps (including the different Google-apps which I am not using but guess I can’t delete?). I have no idea whether this is many :wink:

When I look at the storage the picture is clear: I have used 28,70 GB out of 29,12. 23 of these are on apps, while 1,9 are on pictures.
I DO have an SD card, but guess that I have not figured out how to use it properly: I have used 2,5 GB out of 58 on the SD card. So from your answers I guess that my job now is to use the SD card instead of the phones internal memory. Thanks again - I’ll try that :slight_smile: :smiley:

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I don‘t have a FP2 but:

Background jobs and background data jobs of a phone can drain the battery very quick. So if i were in your position i would look into the background data of the installed apps and if Apps are running in the background that can be battery draining as well, as i noticed a short time ago on my FP3.
Background data and Apps that are running in background drain every battery very quickly.

Maybe installing AccuBattery to check for possible apps that are draining the battery very quickly can be very helpfull .

I hope i could help you. If you‘ve questions just ask :slight_smile:


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Thank you! I’ll try that :slight_smile: Or: I will as soon as it is possible for me to download the app :S Even though I have deleted some apps now, I am told that there is not enough room on the phone to install it.

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Good luck with finding the “heavyweights” among your apps. I think the standard set of apps the operating system comes with is more like 25-30 apps, and yes, you cannot (at least not without skills) delete the Google apps.

A typical suspect for eating up a lot of storage space could be WhatsApp – especially if you get sent a lot of videos in it (or through a different messenger app). But for a start, you can move the whole DCIM folder (i.e. where your self-made photos and videos are) to the SD card. The FP2 will keep saving new photos and videos to the internal storage, but as long as you sometimes move them to the SD card, that’s ok.

So a follow-up question for the SD card-suggestion:
Since most of my space goes to apps and just a few GB to pictures, would it be an idea to use the SD card as internal storage? Forgive my lack of knowledge, but it looks like I can do this.

That is possible, yes, but it has pros and cons.

It will require a new formatting of the SD card, so the little data you have saved to it right now would be erased if you didn’t save it anywhere else. In principle, formatting the SD card as extended internal storage could help in your case, but the downside of this is that from then on, the SD card will be readable exclusively in your FP2 – not in a different phone, not in a computer, not in a tablet (you will still be able to access the data on the internal storage via a cable connection from your FP2 to a computer though).

If you don’t want that, you will need to have to look into each of your apps and see if they allow saving data to the SD card in its current format (I assume it’s portable/external storage right now). Maybe Settings > Apps > App info (or similar, I haven’t got Fairphone OS 19.11.2 installed right now) might reveal which apps are taking up the most space.

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Someone with more experience, is that right? @AnotherElk?

Ah, okay that was many cons that I was not aware of. Thanks a lot, that was a very big help!!!


Here’s another one …


Alright, thanks for this - I’ll drop the idea about the SD card.

In the meantime I had a look at my apps and found out that a single one ate up half of my storage. I reinstalled it, and now everything looks beautilful: I am now on less than halv of my capacity.

I hope it stays this way. And if this is the case, I do appologies for the time you spend on answering me. If it is not the case, I’ll have a look on your other comments. And I am a bit wiser now, at least :slight_smile:


So you mean that your phone isn’t slow anymore and that it works as you intended it to?

This is a forum, i.e a place to ask questions. If we lose our time, it’s our problem :slightly_smiling_face:

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I seems to work faster now, yes - and I am no longer told that I have no free storage.
I guess the coming days will show if it indeed has helped and improved in general and on the battery. Otherwise I have a battery on the way in the mail.


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