Suddenly: E:Can't open /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/misc

Today suddenly my phone turned of an now it doesn’t boot anymore. The green Android laid back and an red warning sign is on his belly. At the end of the system recovery menu is written: E:Can’t open /dev/block/platform/msm_sdcc.1/by-name/misc (Permission denied)

I have tried many reboots, power downs, wipe cache partition, reboot to bootloader, but nothing works. I’ve taken out the battery, took of the screen and cleaned everything but its every time the same. the phone startes in system recovery mode.

What can I do?

I think you can ignore the error message, i have often seen it also on working phones. Also if you search the forum for it, it doesn’t seem it was ever related to an issue.

If you can’t get your phone to boot to Android anymore, you could do a hard reset, but mind, this will erase all your data. You could do a backup with adb first, if you decide to do a hard reset.

Thanks for your answer, I tried many restarts, and suddenly, one time it starts normally. But when I try a new restart the same… The telephone stops starting and goes into the boot menu. But when I try it often enough, it’s starts normal… But with this “feature” I can’t use the telephone…

Maybe one other “feature” has a connection with this. Sometimes it seems that I push the louder volume buttons and the telephone goes to the loudest setting. Also in other tools this button develops an own life. When I press the volume down button it stops. Also the power button is sometimes not usable?

Maybe there is a loose connection?

You’d normally start system recovery by holding volume up + power. From your description of the volume going to max, it could be that your volume button gets stuck in the pressed position. As your power button is also occasionally misbehaving, it could be that the casing isn’t on the phone in the right way. It might be worth a try to remove the back cover and to see if that solves the problem. If it does, put the cover back on again making sure it aligns properly with the buttons.

Thanks. A Problem with the power and volume Button could explain the problem. The cover isn’t the Problem. Even without cover I have the same problem. I have removed the display 2 times , because I thought maybe dirt inside. But there is nothing to see, and the buttons have a normal pressure point nothing stuck.

Is there maybe a better way to check?

@Johannes has a good point here, if there should be a malfunction withe the vol. button, it might explain why your phone often boots into the recovery.

How did you leave the recovery? Did you select the option reboot system there? And did this reboot selection also bring you back into the recovery?

There are a (very) few reports here in the forum of malfunctioning volume buttons, and I also earlier had some issues with the vol. button, as the vol. down function often did not work. These problems though are gone I think since version 1.3.6, though there was nothing in the release notes that seems to be connected with the issue (also it wasn’t a known bug afaik).

Maybe, when you’re back in Android, you could (and with an unstable device anyway should) make a complete backup of all your data, and see if a factory reset or a hard reset solves the issue? That’s what I would try (that is, I would maybe flash the whole system after backing up the data).

days since 2 I have the same problem . after a wipe launched the fair phone back to normal . but it has no longer be charged . after a night on the charger ( the fairphone was turned off ) what the problem back.

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