Sudden network disconnects on both SIM slots

Hey there

It is getting really annoying. My fairphone 2 loses suddenly the connection to the networks on both SIM slots (empty triangles). I get more and more disconnects, I haven’t had the problem at the beginning (my fairphone is now 2 months old).

Sometimes triggering the airplane mode helps, sometimes it needs a reboot, and sometimes even a cold boot doesn’t help at all. It surely isn’t a problem of coverage, it goes from full bar to zero, always on both. Another thing I’ve noticed, that sometimes the triangles don’t show up anymore after switching airplane mode on and off.

Any ideas?

In which country do you live and who is your provider?

Switzerland, Swisscom and Lyca. Today I saw a new behavior, losing the connection of only one slot.

The phone is now unusable. Most times, I don’t have a connection at all. I tried to factory reset the phone, didn’t work out. I wanted to try not to restore the apps…but the problem already occured during the initial setup before anything was restored.

Something else that is weird: it always is optimizing the apps after a cold boot - just as it usually only does after a system update. Then it heats up crazy (I guess the cpu, well, just in the region the SIM cards are located). It happens also, that the phone ends in a reboot loop…where it is restarting and restarting after the initial load screen.

I tried the sim cards in two other phones. No problems at all. Either on the single SIM (HTC ONE M7) and on the dual SIM (Moto G2). It is definitely a fairphone issue.


I have the same problem. UK phone with Danish sim card in second slot. Did you find a solution?

Kind regards

This is a widespread problem in the last few days.

Hi Lars

Actually, my fairphone lies in the drawer since then and I am really fairphone-pissed (I use this word rather seldom). Since I am very busy, I have not taken any further steps, but I am short before sending it back. I am waiting for any kind of reaction from the support team -. so far I didn’t get anything…and it is soon a month since I asked. At least a “we are looking at it later”-message, just any sign of someone that cares.

And sadly, the other problem seems different from mine, even though, I remember, that I had to re-enter the pin a few times, before I got the new behavior that I described here. Maybe in another month, it is a widespread problem to not have any stable cell contact at all. And maybe then my problem gets solved and maybe then I am not pissed anymore considering fairphone. But maybe even that is wishful thinking.

Good luck with your problem

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I have the same problem in Germany.

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