Sudden blank/black screen

Shortly after downloading Facebook the above occurred. Took it to a local Fone Tech shop who tested functionality - ok, but said that pixels had been damaged. They couldn’t do anything as Fairphone was unfamiliar to them

I’m still trying to understand the exact problem.
Can you still see anything on your screen or is it all black (or another color)?
Have you tried booting in dic:safemode ?
If the app really caused this, then I doubt that it did actual damage to the hardware. But I faintly remember hearing about the Facebook app causing some sort of trouble, can’t find anything relevant on the spot right now, though.
It would be interesting how a phone shop could come to that conclusion. Do you know what sort of tests were run - especially if the display is blank anyway?

Thank you for your thoughtfulness…I must confess that the problem was resolved by simple remedy of removing and reinserting the battery! Would that much else was that simple…
Paul A Newman

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