Successful repair of earpiece of modular earphones for FP3

I have a set of original modular earphones for my Fairphone 3+. One earpieces is broken.
I did check if one of the pieces or the cable is broken by simply exchanging the two earpieces. The broken piece did not work on both ends of the cable, but the other one did.

Since only the cable is available as a spare part, I decided to try to repair the broken piece. (I do not understand why there are no replacement part for the earpiece, if you know one please post it here).

The two halves of the transparent earpiece are fairly easy to open.

After opening i saw that one cable was loose.
I soldered it back on.

Thereafter, I closed the housing again inserting “standard-soft”-glue before. I decided to not use super-glue to have the option to easily reopen the housing easily again, if necessary. It works now for over a month without a problem.

Because this was relatively easily to do and I could not find any other post concerning this, I decided to share my experience (if you have the soldering equipment and a steady hand =) ).
Have fun!


Great work and thanks for posting your results!

Concerning the glue: Another option might be to use some (transparent) silicone as “filler” inside the case. That should also keep it together, make it somewhat waterproof and is pretty easy to remove again if needed as it does usually not bond to any of the other stuff in the case (at least the cheap one :wink: ).

Note: I took the liberty of updating the topic title to reflect that you don’t need help but have actually performed this successfully. If that is not OK for you, then just let me know or change it again as you see fit.