Success in recovering photos from an elderly FP1u

Hello all,

Some of you may remember my attempts to recover photographs from my FP1u Fairphone (see Looking for a screen for an FP1u, back in May this year). I am extremely pleased to tell you that I have finally managed to recover those photographs - all 1,031 of them!

I had help from a number of contributors to this forum. The final bit of help that I needed came from Irina_Spitznagel, whose post in March 2016!!! suggested using an app to add software buttons, to replace the no longer functioning hardware buttons on my phone. The “Back Button” app is still available here: It’s great! Without it, I was having to switch the phone off and back on again to recover from mistakes.

Anyway, if anyone else has the same problem, here’s what you need:

  1. A standard USB to micro USB adaptor, to let you plug peripheral devices into the micro USB socket on your phone
  2. A USB hub, so that you can connect multiple things to your phone
  3. A mouse with a USB connection
  4. A memory stick
  5. The “Back Button” app (or something similar) - it just makes it a lot easier to find your way around the phone

I needed all five of these things to let me find my way around the screen without touching it. And then transfer the photos from the phone to the memory stick.

Thanks again to everyone who helped!


Thanks for posting back with the good news and useful tips!

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