My FP1: Eight years and counting!

My FP1 just turned eight (shipped on January 6th 2014), but there’s no thread ‘eight years and counting’ yet :wink:.
But I have to admit, that it still works, but I don’t use it at all, besides a test from time to time, whether it’s still living.


I allowed myself to create the missing topic regardless of your FP1 reaching the 8 year threshold in retirement only :wink:


Today my FP1 is celebrating it’s seventh birthday, oeps it’s his eighth birthday.
My partner is using the phone as as a computing power within the framework of the Boinc science projects.
There are many projects to choose from list of projects.
We have chosen for World Community Grid. And we were so thrilled when we got work for the project on granulosa cell tumour. It’s a very rare malignant tumour of the ovary. This is the form of cancer that I have and have survived.


Does an FP1u count? Mine is seven and a half years old. The touch screen no longer responds to touch but it can be worked with an external mouse (see Success in recovering photos from an elderly FP1u - #2 by OldRoutard).

It will happily connect to the Internet. And in theory it will still make phone calls, if I put a SIM card in it. But I would have to carry a mouse with me everywhere to make a call, or even to answer a call. Perhaps it’s time to recycle it… :frowning:


Yes, your FP1u will count, but you have to ask here for the eight year badge in about six months. :slight_smile:


Until I received my FP4 on December 2nd, my FP1 first edition was the only smartphone I used since I got it in January 2014. It is still alive and in pretty good shape but since two months only serves as mp3 player now. It still connects to the Internet so I can download audio files. It was my first smartphone ever and I just can not (yet) let it go and have it recycled… :smiling_face:


Hi, just wanted to say that I still use my FP1 (1st edition!) from time to time, I got it a new prepaid sim card and wifi works and of course FM Radio and many apps.
I ordered it in June 2013 (1st crowdfunding campaign) and it was delivered on 15.1.2014. So that’s nearly 8 1/2 years now. And counting.
Any chance to get a “8 years FP1”-badge?


I see it :slight_smile:


Yay! just got it 10 min ago!
Champagne and Ice for everyone


:champagne: :ice_cream: :yum: Thank you! That’s really a great achievement!


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