Substitute Fingerprint Reader

again and again the FP3+ does not unlock with fingerprint.
Is there a possibility to exchange it?
Is there already a better fingerprint module?

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Although that really a question for Fairphone, the fingerprint reader, although removable is part of the core module and not available to buy separately.

Some people have issues, and one simple solution for them seems to be to cover the sensor with sellotape.

Have you checked the fingerprinter reader works as it may just be not handling your print very well. You can store the same print slightly offset to get a more frequent recognition.

To test the reader functions dial *#*#66#*#* then use Service tests > Test Single > Fingerprint Test


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What exactly means it doses not unlock? Ain’t the sensor ractoíct or doesn’t it detect your finger correctly?

As far as I know it’s not possible to exchange it, but there are some tips hoer in the forum how to improve the recognition chances.

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Sellotape is really cool solution. It detects my fingerprint much better now.
Thank you so much

By the way. This does not work ##66## :
Please click the Test button to start Fingerprint Test

finger_result.txt is not exist

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Yes? A bit strange I have that too

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